Snow Sports Accessories

Not only do we carry the best in snow skiing, snowboarding and winter lifestyle equipment; we also have a huge selection of everything you need to to be warm, comfortable and dry while on the  slopes or walking around town. From gloves, beanies, and backpacks to cameras, wallets and watches, Sail & Ski truly is your Winter Sports Lifestyle store.

Come by our North Austin or Lakeway location and see how we can keep you warm and ready for your next winter adventure.

It can be easy to forget some items that you and your group need for the trip. Here is a list of suggested items to make help make your next snow vacation the best it can be.

Snow Sports Check list

Snow Accessories

Beanies | Headbands: Beanies, hats, and headbands are a necessity to be warm, comfortable and dry on the slopes or walking around town. There are several types and fits so it is best to try on a few to find the perfect one.
It is recommended that everybody should be wearing a helmet no matter if you are a seasoned professional or just starting out. It is just not worth the risk. It is important to find a helmet fits properly: proper fit equals proper protection.
Gloves | Mittens:
Some people like gloves some people like mittens. Either way we have a great selection of quality brands for you to choose from to keep your hands toasty warm.
Performance Socks:
It is a common misconception that thicker socks equates to more warmth. Not so anymore, especially if you own your own ski boots. A perfomance sock that fits your foot, boot, ski level and style will help your feet stay warmer, dryer, and more comfortable longer so you can stay out all day.
Goggles | Sunglasses: Eye protection is also a necessity on the slopes. Sun and wind can be uncomfortable and damaging to your skin and eyes. Goggles are recommend an we have a great selection of different fits, lens color options, over the glasses goggles, and sunglasses to keep you looking great while protecting your vision.
Backpacks | Luggage: MarineMax Sail & Ski has a bunch of rolling suitcases, ski bags, snowboard bags, hard ski tubes, and back packs.
After Ski: To keep you warm comfortable and dry while walking around town after skiing, we have a great selection of stylish after ski boots for women, men and children.
Thermal Underwear: Quality thermal underwear is another requisite item to maximize your next snow vacation. If you or your kids are cold you'll definitely be spending the afternoon at the warming house.
Facemasks | Balaclavas: On those really cold days or even very sunny afternoons, wearing have face protection can be smart and comfortable.
Layering Pieces: Layering pieces like long sleeve shirts, fleece jackets, vests are crucial to helping you stay warm and comfortable. Wearing layers is also great for those travelling to the slopes to weather that may change quickly; layers can be added or removed as needed without going back to the lodge.
Misc. Accessories: MarineMax Sail & Ski has a great selection of those little accessories that are often forgotten , but make your trip that much more successful. Sunscreen, hand warmers, anti fog cloths, ski and snowboard tools, gear ties, water proof camera bags, GoPro camera accessories ski wax and tuning tools, stocking stuffers and gifts.