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We’re more than a dealer. Yes, we sell boats, but we are also a resource. Our customers gain access to a wealth of boating knowledge and get a tailored experience through professionals who can match them with the perfect boat from our unparalleled diversity of brands and models. We provide world-class service, financing and insurance, educational programs, and access to Getaways!® trips and other boaters.

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Financial and Insurance Services

MarineMax offers finance and insurance options to protect you and your investment for a worry-free experience.


Owning a boat or yacht is a lifestyle upgrade full of opportunity, adventure and fun. It's also a big responsibility, so it's smart to be insured. MarineMax has the expertise and experience to design your perfect protection plan.

MarineMax Storage Options

Wet or dry slip for a small or big boat – you got options to choose from across the country.

Your One Stop Shop

United by Water

We are committed to creating the best ownership experience from start to finish. We understand the importance of having premium brands, a comprehensive list of services and financing options, classes that build your boating confidence, and customer events and Getaways!® to amazing places we host year-round.

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Maintenance & Service

Services at MarineMax

Many of our locations offer onsite services, so you can cruise your worries away. Our skilled technicians are here to help. You can conveniently schedule services through our MarineMax App or online.


Our MarineMax carpenters and craftsmen are versed in the widest range of materials, methods, and technologies of carpentry and joinery. Whether your job requires big or small projects, MarineMax experts will get it done.

Carpentry and Joinery
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Our MarineMax team consists of highly experienced electricians, engineers, and support staff who understand the unique electrical requirements to keep your boat or yacht running smoothly.

Electrical Systems
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Our MarineMax team consists of highly skilled professionals who will repair anything fiberglass and composite related as soon as possible. So, you can go back to boating in no time.

Fiberglass and Composites
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Our MarineMax team offers insightful troubleshooting and repair of marine hydraulic systems and components for your boat or yacht.

Hydraulic Systems
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Our MarineMax team can cover all your marine and architectural rigging requirements. All running and standing rigging is carefully inspected and repaired by our experts. So, you can go back boating in no time.

Mast and Rigging
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Keep your whole vessel running like new with our highly skilled MarineMax mechanics and extensive services. We provide a full-service approach to all your marine mechanical service needs. Simplify your boat maintenance. Our expert marine mechanics provide quality services for all the systems on your boat, so you spend more time boating.

Mechanical Systems
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Let MarineMax fabricate or repair your boats to your specific requirements with our team of experienced service members.

Metal Work
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Let MarineMax bring your boat back to life. We can restore your boat to it's original beauty, fix any dings or scratches, or completely redesign it.

Paintwork and Finishing
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Your boat and yacht plumbing system requires routine maintenance and care. Come to MarineMax to keep your boat in pristine operating condition.

Plumbing and Sanitation Systems
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Refrigeration, heating, and AC can be one of the most crucial parts of having an enjoyable experience on your vessel. Let the MarineMax team keep everything running in tip top shape.

Refrigeration, Heating, and AC
Three outboard boat engines

Boats are designed to take a beating. A boat’s engine is not. If you love your boat but the engine’s a goner, repowering is an affordable option.

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Let our MarineMax team repair all your boating equipment and technology.


The MarineMax App

With the click of a button, you can easily connect with us and order services online for your boat – from routine maintenance, to requesting a wash or fuel.

Download the MarineMax App

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Parts & Accessories

MarineMax is all about fun on the water. Often a few extra accessories and gear will make a great day even better. Our stores are equipped for excitement.


Explore the Waters and Form New Friendships

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MarineMax FAQ’s

We’ll work with you to help you find the perfect boat, and sometimes this does mean transferring a boat from another MarineMax. Your MarineMax sales consultant can share the details of this process.

We do not rent boats at our stores. The rentals we offer are yacht charters in SE Florida and throughout the world which are typically 70 ft and larger and for a length of a week. We also have MarineMax Vacations that offers 5-7 day power catamaran charters in the British Virgin Islands. Or if you are just looking to get an idea of type and size that you would like to buy, we do offer boating classes at our stores and often have demo days where customers can experience different boats.

Since MarineMax is a Public Company that is traded on the New York Stock Exchange we do things differently than most other dealers. When we take in a trade we have a Reconditioning Process that the boat goes through before it is delivered to the new owner. The boat, when checked in, goes through a very thorough trade evaluation where we make sure that all systems are working. We do a full compression check of the engine cylinders, as well.

Rates vary based on a number of things including credit score, credit profile, debt to income, comparable credit, and of course the type and price of the boat you are considering.

Our extended warranties are transferable to the new owner if you sell the boat.

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