Get Paid to Vacation on Your Own Yacht

Cruising the beautiful blue waters of the Caribbean as a boat owner is the ultimate way to vacation. If you're ready for your very own boat, our Charter Yacht Ownership Program offers you two ways to get paid to vacation in the British Virgin Islands.
With the first, you have access to your boat for up to nine weeks each year without the hassle of managing operating expenses like insurance, dockage, or maintenance — all while receiving monthly income and potential tax savings. 
With our Split Revenue Ownership model, MarineMax Vacations handles the reservations, marketing, and customer relations for chartering your boat while you benefit from the revenue generated. There are some expenses you’ll have to cover, but with this option, you can use your vessel as often as you’d like.
Two options. Your choice. Either way, you essentially get paid to vacation!

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Frequently Asked Questions

The British Virgin Islands, “Natures Little Secret” are a collection of more than 60 islands for you to explore. The BVI caters to the charter yacht industry and offers something for everyone, including diving, snorkeling, beachcombing, white sandy beaches, famous beach bars, and restaurants. The currency is the US Dollar (USD), and the language is English.

The MarineMax Vacations fleet is comprised of the award-winning Aquila range of Power Catamarans, custom made for MarineMax. Aquila Power Catamarans is the world leader for high quality, innovation, and exceptional performance catamarans. No other vessel on the planet offers more features, reliability, durability, and value than our power catamarans.

The decision of which boat is best depends on two factors: how many people will be enjoying the islands with you, and what you plan on doing with the yacht at the end of the program. Some retain the boat for personal cruising, others resell to capture depreciation, and others trade-in for a new vessel in the fleet.

Under the Charter Yacht Ownership Program, an owner has up to nine weeks of usage a year, depending on how time is used. Owners in the Split Revenue Ownership Program enjoy unlimited personal use.

In the Charter Yacht Ownership Program, the payment from the charter company to you is fixed regardless of charter activity and how much the owner uses the yacht. The charter company assumes all risks that the boat will charter enough to cover all operating expenses, including dockage, insurance, and maintenance. Under the fixed payment option, the charter company benefits if they boat charters more than forecasted.

There is an option for a Split Revenue Ownership Program. Advantages to this program include unlimited owner usage; an owner can earn a higher return after expenses, and potential tax advantages. Under this program, an owner covers the operating expenses (dockage, maintenance, insurance, parts, etc.).

As an owner, you can reserve your yacht as far out as you like. If you know there is a week that you want every year, you can book that week for the term of the program.

The program varies in length between 12 months up to five years, depending on the program selected. After the first 12 months, you can exit the program with a three-month notice to allow us to relocate charters.

No. Unlike time-share or fractional ownership, there is only one owner per boat. You even get to name her (with MarineMax approval).

Yes. We can help you with financing. The banks usually require a 25% down payment and will finance the yacht for up to 15 years. Interest rates are driven by the bank at the time of purchase. Under the MarineMax Ownership Program, the payment from us is the same regardless of how you pay for the yacht.

You may qualify for potential tax advantages. Check with your accountant, as all situations are different.

You have options, and we will help you find the right one for you: 1. Trade-in for a new boat and stay in the program. 2. MarineMax Vacations Yacht Brokerage can sell the vessel for you. We have a long list of customers waiting for the boats coming out of the fleet 3. Go cruising. We have many owners that buy into the program with the plan of enjoying the cruising lifestyle. 4. Place the vessel into a second-tier charter company that takes older model yachts into their fleets. Most of the second-tier charter companies have a revenue split program.

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Jumping into the Water Part of Charter Yacht Vacations in the BVI

5 Reasons to Choose MarineMax Vacations

  • Expert planning team to help every step of the way so you can enjoy the trip of a lifetime
  • Our own custom amenity-packed power catamaran fleet in the British Virgin Islands with 3, 4, and 5 cabin options
  • Access to power catamarans in amazing destinations
  • Explore an extensive resource library of videos and articles to prepare for your trip
  • Our commitment is to exceed your expectations and provide an extraordinary experience
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  • Raul Bermudez, Vice President Charter Division

    Raul joined the company at the inception of MarineMax Vacations and leads the Charter and Yacht sales effort for MarineMax with more than 20 years of experience in the yacht charter industry.

    Raul was with TUI Marine, where he held several executive positions, including VP of charter sales and marketing. During his 12-year tenure, Raul worked with The Moorings, Sunsail, Footloose, Club Vass and LeBoat, over 1,400 yachts, 1,200 canal boats, 12 marinas and 90 locations in 29 countries and 5 currencies.

    Raul helps customers make their dreams a reality — getting paid to vacation.
  • One Customer's Story

    “Factoring in the cost of maintenance, dock fees and insurance and the advantages of tax write-offs, hassle-free ownership and basically unlimited access, the MarineMax Charter Yacht Ownership Program just made sense. Since purchasing our Aquila 484 named Villa our frequent adventures to BVI have proven to be just that, hassle-free fun.” - Grazi Zazzara

  • Why This Family Loves Yacht Ownership

    Our first chartering experience was with a MarineMax 382. After that, we also chartered a Moorings 484 and a Moorings 394 in the Caribbean and the Bahamas. During these vacations, we started talking about spending an extended period of time on a boat. Since we were both working at that time, owning a boat at a remote location was not a realistic option. So, we started thinking about the yacht chartering programs as a way of spending an extended time on a boat and figuring out if we liked that lifestyle.
  • Benefits

    The Charter Yacht Ownership Program is a cost-effective way to own your own boat in the British Virgin Islands while avoiding the stress and expense of traditional ownership.

    • Fixed monthly income regardless of charter activity
    • Up to nine weeks of destination boating time each year
    • Zero operating expenses including charter management, docking, insurance, parts and service
    • Professional MarineMax yacht maintenance and personalized customer service
    • Trade-ins considered and in-house financing available
    • Brokerage support for selling your boat
  • Charter on water.

    About Aquila Power Catamarans

    Once you've been on one of our award-winning Aquila Power Catamarans, it's easy to see how charter guests become owners. You'll take pride in owning a pure-bred power catamaran that is unmatched in performance and efficiency while also offering spacious and luxurious living and outstanding amenities. As you consider your purchase, choose from our fleet of customized and comfortable yachts:

    • MarineMax 443: 44-foot with three cabins and three heads, named AIM Media Editor’s Choice Award for Best New Multihull 40'-49' upon her debut in 2014
    • MarineMax 484: 48-foot with four cabins and four heads, named one of The World’s Top Boats by Power and Motoryacht magazine.
    • MarineMax 545: 54-foot with five cabins and five heads, the biggest yacht in the fleet accommodating up to five couples or ten people.
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