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Norman Island

One of the BVI’s largest mooring areas, The Bight on Norman Island provides great protection and easy navigation. Located a short distance across the Sir Francis Drake channel from the MarineMax base at Nanny Cay. This popular and historic spot is a frequent first or last night destination for guests on charter. Find some history and fantasy from a historic novel. Norman Island is reported to be the inspiration for the book Treasure Island written by Richard Lewis Stevenson. Hiking the trails to the top of the hill and looking to the horizon you can almost see a set of tall white sails of a Pirate ship approaching. Let yourself get lost in the magic and mystery of this amazing place.

  • view of the rocks at the Indians at norman island

    The Indians

    The Indians are a landmark rock formation just off the entrance to Norman Island. These iconic rocks provide exceptional snorkeling over reefs teeming with sea life as well as a sheer face for those wishing to venture into the blue abyss.

  • Willy T's on the coast of Norman Cay

    Willy T's

    Party time on the William Thorton aka the “Willie T”. Located near the back of the anchorage this floating dining option brings new meaning to the phrase waterfront restaurant. When the sun goes down the energy goes up with dining, drinking, dancing, and diving from atop the second-floor party deck.

  • The Caves by Norman Island

    The Caves

    The Caves on the west side of the entrance to the Bight provide a unique snorkel and diving opportunity. The gentle surges of ocean current keep the coral, sea grass, and small leaves moving gracefully in and out of the sea, natural caves that can be explored.

  • Pirates Bight in Norman Island

    Pirate's Bight

    Motor your dinghy to their private guest dock and feel the cool soft sand under your feet as you make your way to beachfront dining at Pirates Bight open air restaurant. Ambiance is always on the menu along with a deliciously prepared variety of local and international dishes. The open truss ceilings dotted with vintage glass fishing floats set a relaxed mood. Sitting twenty feet from the water’s edge you will lose track of time gazing upon the night lights of the boats at anchor, the moon rising in the night sky, or the display of stars across the horizon.

The Willy T

Some of the most famous shore-side haunts in the world are located right here in the BVI. Jump off the legendary Willy-T at Peter Island which is a floating bar (its location as of this time is Peter Island, but it might change!)
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