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Across the sea and over the horizon sits the small island of Anegada. Long, low and flat make this a unique land mass in the territory. It also presents navigational challenges for this and other reasons. Typically reserved for experienced charter captains’, trusting the chart is a must for embarking for this island. Unlike the other islands of the BVI that offer elevations above the sea for easier sighting Anegada’s low elevation keeps it concealed behind the horizon for most of your crossing from Virgin Gorda.

Protected by shallow water and multiple reefs it is easy to understand why Anegada is not a destination for the novice. Trusting the chart and approaching slowly and cautiously will however result in your safe arrival at a large and open mooring field. The low elevation provides little protection in this exposed anchorage so wind and weather should be considered when adding this destination to your itinerary. As you motor your dinghy quietly across the anchorage the night sky will catch your gaze as the intensity of starlight, and star bright in this remote corner of the BVI will leave a lasting impression of the beauty, remoteness, and simplicity of Anegada.

  • Potter's by the Sea top view with beach and Anegada foliage

    Potter’s by The Sea

    Once ashore you will have found yourself at one of Anegada’s famed open grill lobster establishments, Potter’s by The Sea. It is never too early to place your reservations with the local proprietor as they will only harvest the required number of lobster from the sea to accommodate their nightly guests.

  • Big Bamboo sign in Anegada

    Big Bamboo

    The secluded Caribbean beachside bar and restaurant you’ve been dreaming about. The Big Bamboo will feed your appetite with fresh grilled lobster and all the rum punch drinks you can think of. To get to this hidden gem, motorized transportation is recommended from Anegada Amazing Rentals. Scooter or Jeep through the Mangrove trees to discover the wide open, deep blue Atlantic Ocean on a palette of colors like you have never seen. This destination has food, drinks, beach and more.

  • Side of Cow Wreck building with beach in the background

    Cow Wreck Beach & Tipsy’s

    Working your way down the coastline you may find Cow Wreck beach where proprietor Bell can share stories of famous or interesting patrons that find their way back to this laid-back, beachside retreat. Just a few hundred yards further down the beach, you can enjoy the welcoming atmosphere at the quaint and intimate Tipsy. Nestled atop a small sandy bluff the views of the Atlantic will keep you taking pictures as you watch the sun move across the sky and the color of the sea presents itself as a kaleidoscope of greens and blue hues.

  • Anegada beach with people in the water and sand

    Anegada Beach Club

    The Anegada beach club offers a rustic and remote resort destination perfect for a healthy snack, a cold drink and a chair in the shade atop a beach bluff where Kite surfers race across the emerald green shallows of the coastline.

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