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Foods of the BVI

When chartering through the BVI there is no shortage of exceptional food. The islands have a variety of excellent restaurants preparing both local and international menus. Traveling to a different country won’t be complete without trying their native specialty dishes. The BVI is made up of various different cultures so the cuisine is more eccentric than one might think. With a mix of American, European, West African and Dutch influence, you will be sure to taste the delicious diversity. In addition to these cultural dishes, you will also expect to find fresh and decadent lobster, conch, mahi mahi, grouper and endless exquisite seafood that these islands have to offer. Embrace the culture(s) and dive into what must-try dishes you won’t want to miss on your next charter.

  • Fish and Fungi

    Fish and Fungi, the British Virgin Islands national dish, a notably delectable dish that you will want to try during your charter. Surprisingly, the ‘Fungi’ in this dish is not related to mushrooms, but instead a delicious mixture of okra and cornmeal. The two ingredients are boiled together with butter and are typically served with a variety of fresh seafood. With the addition of tomatoes, onions and other traditional spices, this dish has been described as similar to Italian polenta in flavor and consistency.

  • Lam Roti


    Explore the East Indian cuisine with this traditional Roti dish. This entree is a flatbread sandwich that can be filled with a variety of different options. Take your pick between chicken, fish, shrimp or vegetables-or just try them all! To give this sandwich that Eastern Indian influence, your choice of filling is mixed with various spices with curry as its main ingredient. Pair that with potatoes and a drizzle of mango chutney and you will be back for seconds and ready for more.

  • Callaloo Soup

    Callaloo Soup

    This dish can be endlessly devoured without feeling any guilt. Callaloo soup is a staple favorite of the Dominica and the Caribbean region. Its main ingredient is made from leaves of the same name, sometimes substituted with spinach or dasheen. This soup is prepared by boiling the components into a stew like consistency with a mixture of eggplant, onions, potatoes, seasoning, meats and coconut milk to a light and refreshing flavor. Taste the flavors of the islands, it will leave you wanting more!

  • Johnnycake


    Evolved from its original name the “Journey Cake,” is a dish that can be eaten for breakfast or lunch. The Johnnycake originated in the cuisine of New England, but has advanced with tasty Caribbean flair. This serving includes ingredients such as flatbread cornmeal, sugar, salt, baking powder, butter and milk. After being fried in oil this savory meal is sure to hit the spot. A variety of renditions are offered, such a sweetened version perfect for dessert after a heavy meal.

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