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5 Reasons to Say Yes and Charter in the BVI

There’s no question that the world has become a smaller place thanks to the ease and affordability of air travel these days. Every year thousands upon thousands of people flock to various destinations the world over to spend their precious, hard-earned vacation time. Sometimes travel is dictated by family, milestone events or by hobby, but other times, it’s not so easy to chose a place to spend your holiday when there are literally thousands of places that are available to us. I’m here to make that decision a little easier... The British Virgin Islands are hands down one of the hottest tropical vacation destinations in the world, and there’s good reason for it. 

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Written By Guest Writer: Brittany Meyers who lives aboard her sailboat in Tortola, BVI with her husband and three little girls. She is passionate about all things "tropical" and blogs about her adventures in paradise and parenting over at

So with no further adieu...I give you five reasons to book a charter vacation in the BVI.

  • Family on charter boat

    Do Something Different

    Chartering a boat will undoubtedly be one of the best vacations you and your friends or family take together. I have heard from countless first timers down here who say that their holiday afloat was by far one of the best they ever had. To wake up surrounded by gin-colored water and enjoy sundowners on deck with a water-colored sky? To be able to jump off your boat for a morning paddle board session or swim? To be lulled to sleep by the gentle rolling of the boat? I am telling you....there’s nothing else like it. To island hop and wake up in a new bay everyday is something truly unique.
  • Girl on paddle board

    There's Something for Everyone Here

    Are you an outdoor enthusiast? Athlete? Spa lover? Beach comber? Bar hopper? Well, we have you covered here. Honestly, whether you are here to chase the wind on your kiteboard or get pampered on the beach with a hot stone massage, we can deliver. Not to mention the British Virgin Islands are host to some of the most beautiful beaches and most famous beach bars in the world. No matter how varied the wants and needs are of your crew, we can keep them happy.
  • Lady relaxing in chair on boat

    Unplug and Unwind

    There’s this phenomenon you might have heard about, it’s called the “Blue Mind”. It’s the “surprising science that shows being in, on, near or under water can make you happier, healthier, more connected, and better at what you do”. So there, it’s science you guys. Proven. Water makes us happier and there’s no better way to see it for yourself than to book a water-based vacation. I live here on a boat so I *know* it’s the truth, but maybe you should come on down and see for yourself...
  • Group taking a picture at table with food

    Get a Taste of a Different Culture

    Mark Twain once wrote that “travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow mindedness”. Seeing life from another perspective, interacting with people living completely different lives than you, and eating foods you might not have known about before are all experiences that will open your mind and enrich your life. Caribbean culture, the veritable melting pot that it is, is vibrant and wonderful, and you will thoroughly enjoy the people you meet and the food you eat along the way...definitely try our honey stung chicken, Anegada lobster, and a west Indian roti while you are here!
  • MarineMax power catamaran cruising

    We Make Chartering Easy

    If this will be your first charter vacation, have no fear; this is what we are famous for! Our islands form a natural archipelago and navigating between them (thanks to modern technology provided on all boats!) could not be easier. Furthermore, you will never have to travel more than an hour or two between islands (except Anegada) making island hopping fun and easy. Waves are kept at bay due to the fact that our islands make a little enclave so you will not have to contend with threatening seas or large waves. As long as you are prudent and listen to the advice of your charter company, you will not run into trouble here. If chartering a boat is something you have always been interested in and island hopping sounds appealing to you, well...there is no better place to get your feet wet than here in the British Virgin Islands. And, if you are new to boating as well, captains are available on charters, and they'll even make your vacation more relaxing and can share their local knowledge. 
  • So There You Have It!

    There is a reason people come back to visit us year after year after year, it’s not only because of the jaw dropping beauty of every beach, cove and sunset...but also the fact that you will never have the same day twice. Each of our islands has something different to offer and you could be here for a month and not see it all. You can make your vacation as relaxing, wild, athletic, fun or chill as you want. So grab your kids, your friends, or your family, book a charter boat and come have some fun in the sun with us! See you down here!
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