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The Ocean Alexander Advantage - Performance

The naval architects of Ocean Alexander put their yachts to test to ensure safety, power, and durability.
  • at the helm of an ocean alexander yacht

Perhaps you should question some of the extraordinary claims you read and hear in sales brochures. The naval architects we work with would encourage that. Ed Monk, Jr. and his associates have a solid history of engineering safe, high-performance motor yachts. In fact, their qualifications surpass any design team operating in the yacht-building world today. They hold safety paramount, and they insist on impressive performance as well. 


More Speed, More Power

The prop tunnel they've designed into our Ocean Alexander hulls puts the propeller and shaft farther aft than in conventional design, giving our hulls more power and better speed. Other manufacturers use prop tunnel technology, but without an engineering team as knowledgeable as ours, hull performance can be compromised rather than enhanced. Ocean Alexander's prop tunnel can net as much as six to eight feet of additional cabin space. And if speed is particularly important, our prop tunnels will give it to you. Not only do they net space for a larger propeller, their design creates an aft-body lift that can improve speed by as much as a knot, yet our hydro-dynamically balanced design prevents vibration. Once again, tank testing allows Ocean Alexander to give our hulls lift and speed advantages without succumbing to drag or vibration problems.

Steering and Drive Mechanisms

Ocean Alexander uses extraordinarily heavy-duty rudders, rudder stock, drive shafts and propellers for our motor yachts. Inspect our drive and steering mechanisms in comparison to those of our competitors. You'll find these systems on our 90', for example, probably match a competitor's specs on their 110'+.

Propeller Superiority

Traditional propellers are made of cast metal. After a propeller is cast, someone takes a mallet to it. By Ocean Alexander standards, that approach is primitive. Ocean Alexander props are made of NiBrAl (nickel, bronze, aluminum), widely recognized as an extremely high quality metal alloy for propellers. Nickel brings strength to the lightness of the aluminum, giving this alloy a very high strength -to-weight ratio. We computer cut our propeller blades using numerically controlled milling machines to achieve maximum quality in tolerance and precision. Ocean Alexander props are made to fit Class S - which surpasses common Class 1 and Class 2 specs other manufacturers often quote. 

Engineering Virtuosity

Ocean Alexander's tank testing includes a wake wheel test, so before new models enters our manufacturing process, we know precisely how its propeller will affect the water. We use our tank tests to refine our prop designs, and you'll definitely feel the difference on the water. Ocean Alexander props are surprisingly quiet and vibration-free for the power they provide. Our naval architects carefully spec each design for the optimum ratio based on the speeds you want to attain and the yacht's weight and length.