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The OA Advantage - Luxury

A motor yacht is not a necessity, and it should be a thing of beauty, freedom, adventure and luxury.
  • the ocean alexander luxury found in the salon
Ocean Alexander has perfected the art of luxury while we've simultaneously made our vessels eminently livable and the most technically accomplished in the industry.  


  •  Interior Architecture

While it may sound unromantic, engineering a yacht’s decks and interiors for comfort and good looks is as complex a task as engineering its hull and structure for optimal performance. Placement of yacht structures (such as bulkheads and stringers) certainly affects structural and hydrodynamic soundness, but it also presents a myriad of design issues regarding comfort, cabin space, ergonomics, convenience and even beauty.

  • About Our Rare Woods

Ocean Alexander is one of the world’s largest yacht manufacturers which provides us first pick at the best woods from around the world. Our abundant resources give us an unparalleled ability to book-match an entire yacht’s woodwork— a true rarity today.Ocean Alexander craftsmen are so skilled at cabinetry, joinery and patterning that they can rightfully be called artists. We’ve perfected our woodworking skills over the course of over three decades, and the level of our mastery shows clearly from each teak cornice box to every gleaming counter top. At Ocean Alexander, we concurrently believe we owe a debt to the environment, and it’s a belief we take seriously. We hope you'll read about our renewable resource efforts in the Global Responsibility section.

  • Hanging Lockers

Generously sized and crafted of rare woods, the hanging lockers you'll find on your Ocean Alexander protect your belongings with aromatic, natural cedar lining. We vent each one properly to avoid dampness, and finish them with fine, furniture-quality hardware that holds securely.

  • Shower System

All on-board showers are molded of seamless fiberglass. What’s more, our unique common drainage system is extremely easy with regard to maintenance, so our showers will give you years of trouble-free use.

  • Standards vs. Options

If you’re purchasing a luxury yacht, the luxury should come standard. Compare our option lists to those of our competitors. Theirs can top twenty pages of extra costs. Ocean Alexander maintains that fine name brands, thoughtful amenities and finely crafted rare woods are yours by right. We specify only the best aboard our vessels in terms of appliances, electronics and other equipment. We have an option list, too, but you’ll find it refreshingly short because we believe in giving you our best from the beginning.

  • Galley Excellence

A great galley can make or break your catered affair or your year at sea. Ocean Alexander has designed arguably the best galleys of any motor yachts in our class. We’ve included an impressive array of appliances for each galley, including full-sized versions whenever we can.