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Take Control of the Wake

Nautique continues to push the boundaries and delight hardcore watersports enthusiasts.
  • surfer behind nautique towboat

With the launch of the 2016 G-Series boats, Nautique announced the all-new Surf Select app for Pebble Smartwatches. A push of a button, and surfers have full control of their wake from their wrist!

First, what’s the Pebble Smartwatch?

Pebble SmartWatch was the first smartwatch, and smartwatches are all they do. It is compatible with iPhone and Android smartphone devices, allowing you to leave your phone in your pocket... or in our case, on your boat. And most importantly, the Pebble Smartwatch allows you to download apps, specifically the Surf Select app from Nautique.

Second, what’s the Surf Select App from Nautique?

It’s game changing. The future of customized wakesurfing control has arrived with the all-new Nautique Surf Select. Through the use of the app on their Pebble Smartwatch, surfers are able to control the wave using one-touch transfers exactly when desired. For total customization, the Surf Select app for the Pebble Smartwatch features the ability to fine tune the ZeroOff Speed Control, Nautique Surf System (NSS), Nautique Configurable Running Surface (NCRS), stereo volume and music track while allowing surfers to transfer the wave instantly or at a three-second countdown. Surf Select is the only system on the market with positive feedback from the helm displayed right on your watch keeping your current settings in view at all times.