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Boston Calling

The Boston Whaler Sport and Super Sport series are the perfect introduction to the world of boating

There’s good reason that so many serious boaters look back on their very first boat and fondly recall a Boston Whaler. The iconic builder has been turning out well designed, sturdily built, manageably sized and powered vessels for years. And oh yeah, they’re also a heck of a lot of fun to drive.

While Boston Whaler builds excellent boats all the way up to 42-feet long, it is perhaps best known for its smaller models. The Boston Whaler Sport and Super Sport series are the perfect introduction to the world of boating. Indeed, the popular Sport and Super Sport lines are particularly welcoming to new boaters— be they adults or children. Boston Whaler Sports and Super Sports range from 11 feet, 4 inches to 17 feet even. That’s an ideal size range at which to get your feet wet, so to speak.

Whalers possess many fine qualities that make them great for both families and novices. But perhaps none of these qualities are as important as the famous Boston Whaler tagline “The Unsinkable Legend.” And that’s because it’s true. Thanks to a foam-coring technique that the brand uses extensively, it is, for all intents and purposes, literally impossible to sink one of these boats. And if you’re a safety-minded individual, as all boaters must be, this should be music to your ears. To prove this lofty claim, Whaler has gone so far as to saw boats in half, and fill them totally with water (and people) without its boats sinking.

As far as the Super Sport line goes, the real star for a lot of people will be the 130. With a length of 13 feet 4 inches and a paltry draft of just 7 inches, the boat is extremely versatile. With an LOA like that she can handle a bit of chop in a bay or lake, and maybe even after you get some experience under your belt you could take her out offshore a little ways on a calm day. And that 7-inch draft will definitely come in handy if you decide you want to explore some mangroves, or run the 130 over to your favorite secluded beach for the day. It’s going to have to get pretty skinny before you kick up any mud, that’s for certain.

With the throttle down, the 130 Super Sport can get on plane in 5 seconds and hit a top speed of 28 knots. Not too shabby. She’s also got dual helm seating and a variety of other seating options, perhaps our favorite of which is a small but serviceable sun pad forward—the better to work on your tan. The 130 also comes with an optional canvas bimini top should you get tired of all those rays. Both the steering wheel and a sturdy guard rail forward are constructed of stainless steel, so you know they’ll last a long, long time. The boat can also be outfitted with a livewell should you want to keep your bait fresh and lively on a fishing trip. And for the aesthetically minded, the boat’s hullside accents are available in options like Classic Desert Tan, Light Blue, or Glacier Green. Even better, all of these options are served up on Boston Whaler’s famously seaworthy hulls, which deliver a ride as smooth and dry as a well made martini.

Other boats in the Sport and Super Sport line include the 110 Sport, 110 Tender, 150 Super Sport, and 170 Super Sport. All of them have their own charms and strengths that make them perfect starter boats for you or the kids. If you’re looking to get into boating, they make the perfect entrée into a world that is near guaranteed to bring you joy and satisfaction, and that will leave you with memories you’ll never forget. Which leaves only one question. Why are you still reading this article? Get out there and visit your local MarineMax to check out Boston Whaler’s offerings. It’s a decision you won’t regret.

  • Couple on Boston Whaler Super Sport