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Your Fishing Boat Guide

Fishing boats can be found in several kinds of purpose-built designs ranging from simple bay boats to larger class offshore vessels. These boats are designed, engineered and built for different categories of fishing; freshwater fishing, saltwater fishing, inshore, near shore and offshore. The type of fishing boat you end up deciding on should be determined by the type of fishing you choose to do, your location, and other necessities when you're out on the water enjoying your time.

Freshwater vs Saltwater Fishing Boats

  • Freshwater Fishing Boats

    There are as many different freshwater fishing boats as there are reasons to go fishing. Before purchasing a freshwater fishing boat, take stock of where and how you plan to do most of your fishing and your needs including considering; will you be navigating streams and rivers or traveling on large bodies of water with family and friends? Do you plan on only fishing on your boat, or will you be using it for other water recreation? Once you have thoroughly considered what you want from a freshwater fishing boat always test out the boat before deciding to buy.
  • Saltwater Fishing Boats

    Coastal fishing for saltwater species has been around since the beginning of time. Saltwater sportfishing boats open up opportunities to explore more fishing spots, essentially endless places you and your boat can pursue looking for the day's catch. What type of saltwater sportfishing boat you choose depends on a number of variables, what type of species of fish do you intend to pursue, where will you primarily be fishing, and what else you'd like to do with your boat.

Your Florida Coastal Fishing Questions Answered

Tune in to hear the great East Coast - West Coast debate, as it applies to coastal fishing in Florida!

Boating Tips

Taking Kids Fishing

Fishing with kids is a great and rewarding way to spend time. With this episode of Boating Tips, you can learn how to make your days on the water better. 

Boating Tips

Fishing Boats

Ready to head into the blue to chase pelagics? Or are you looking to fish the local intercoastal? Captain Nick breaks down the best fishing boats in this week’s Boating Tips episode.

Boating Tips

Winter Fishing Tips

Winter fishing can be just as rewarding as summer fishing, check out these tips to ensure that you put a bend in your rod even when the temperature dips.

Boating Tips Live

Your Fishing Questions Answered! With Captain Alissa Vinoski

Tune in to hear from Captain Alissa Vinoski, United States Coast Guard Captain and experienced saltwater angler based in Tampa Bay. She loves to share her passion for fly fishing and the outdoors. Get tips and tricks from her years of experience and hear about some of her favorite moments co-hosting popular TV Shows like Florida Sportsman Waterman and Fin Chasers.

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A white Boston Whaler boat sails across the water

Boston Whaler

Boston Whaler brings you legendary innovation, engineered for a lifetime of enjoyment and dependability.
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A blue and white Dargel boat idles on the water


Since 1937, Dargel has been making the ultimate fishing machines that will take you where you want to go to find that prized catch in some of the shallowest locations.
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A white Grady-White boat moves across the water


Built for fishing and cruising, Grady-White boats are equally durable and luxurious.
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A blue and white Robalo sails across the water


Since 1968, Robalo have crafted a strong vessel to handle every fisherman's need.
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A white Sailfish boat moves across the water


With more than 30 years of design and engineering expertise, Sailfish boats combines time-tested boatbuilding techniques with the latest in marine technology to deliver a simply superior product.
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A white and blue Scout boat sails across the water


Scout boats are world-renowned for their design and range of luxury models from 17' to 53', each packed with timeless innovations, technology and trendsetting features.
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