A Boat for Every Lifestyle? Oh Yeah!

Finding the perfect boat starts with how you want to have fun. Is fishing your top priority, or is it wake surfing and tubing? Explore these videos that make it easy to figure out which boat types will best meet your needs.

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Looking for the best fishing boat for you?

Learn about some fishing options for avid anglers, then visit fishing boats, center console boats, and dual console boats for more information.

Center Console Boats

Versatile Boats for Fishing and Families

These versatile boats are equally fun as fishing platforms or for simply spending time on the water with family and friends. Designed with helm consoles in the middle of the boat, joined by side decks that provide all-around fishing capabilities these boats have seating that ranges from leaning posts to adjustable seats with armrests and bolsters. The trend in offshore center console boats is for larger space with boat sizes ranging from 17-feet to 65-feet and an equally wide range of pricing.

Dual Console Boats

Versatility and Comfort

Dual console boats are some of the most popular types of boats you'll see out on the water identifiable by the helm along the right side with an additional helm along the left and open space in between. Dual console boats provide functionality and comfort for boaters looking to spend their time on the water. The dual console boat design ranges across different boat categories in a variety of sizes and uses showing that these boats are incredibly versatile for a wide range of activities.

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Looking for a boat for lazy days with family and friends?

Learn about boats for day cruising fun, then visit cruising boats, deck boats, and pontoon boats for more information.

Deck Boats

The Best Boats for Day Cruising Fun in the Sun

Deck boats can be some of the best boats for day cruising and having fun on the water with family and friends. These boats are designed with a sport boat layout that widens the bow seating area offering lots of space and comfort for passengers to enjoy an adventure out on the water.

Pontoon Boats

The Ultimate Multipurpose Fun Boat

Gaining enormous popularity, pontoon boats have evolved from a basic platform attached to two floats to luxurious feature laden boats designed for a comfortable day on the water. These boats can have two-pontoons (floats) or three known as "tri-toons." generally designed for higher horsepower exceeding 50-knots.

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Looking for a little speed and sport?

Learn about zippy boats for easy daytime adventures and water sports, then visit ski boats and runabouts for more information.

Runabout Boats

Collective Fun for the Whole Family

Consider the runabout a small, speedy, and fun family boat with multiple levels of usage from going out to fish, doing some water towing sports, or cruising around to local water accessible locations. These boats can offer surprising maneuverability and power depending on the engine its outfitted with. You can identify a runabout boat compared to other similar boats, like a deck boat, by their open bow design with seating, as well as having a walk-through windshield that adds even more seating. These versatile boats offering attractive comfort, simplicity, and affordability can be a highly entertaining entry into the boating lifestyle for you and your family.

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Looking for overnight adventures?

Learn about the boats that will take you offshore for as many days as you like, then visit cabin cruisers and offshore fishing boats for more information.

Offshore Fishing Boats

Handle the Open Water

Offshore fishing boats are designed to safely endure the severity of the open ocean while providing a platform for searching out larger fish. Many of these boats come with towers with upper control stations for sight-fishing. Generally, offshore fishing boats have at least one live baitwell, tackle centers, bait prep centers, fish boxes for safely storing the day's catch, rod holders both for storage and strategically placed for trolling, and higher gunwales to keep passengers safely on board. Most will have extensive electronics for fish finding, navigation, marking hot spots, and monitoring systems including propulsion systems.

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Just getting started?

Learn about the best boats for beginning boaters, then visit beginner boats for more information.
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