Inshore Fishing Boats

Boats designed to be operated on inshore waters are designed to manage the protected waters of bays, waterways and backwaters. These boats fall into three categories; bay boats, runabouts and pontoon boats.

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  • Bay Boats

    Easily maintained, bay boats are most often center console boats designed for inshore fishing and cruising on local waters with family and friends. These low profile boats are excellent for fishing and can have several storage and boat features adaptable to shallow or deep waters with anchor systems that can lock the boat in place in shallow water under 10 feet deep.
  • Runabouts/Sports Boats

    Runabouts are generally made for enjoyable cruising on local waters with family and friends. These everyday cruising boats have stern cockpits with deep seating. Runabouts tend to have sophisticated multi-function displays with GPS chart plotters, engine monitoring, tank levels, digital compass, speed controls and a whole host of other functions. These boats also feature rear deep seating for four or more passengers facing inboard or act as lounge seats.
  • Pontoon Boats

    Gaining in popularity, pontoon boats are some of the easiest and most versatile boats for inshore boating. Pontoons can be basic or incredibly luxurious day boats that can be set up for fishing or cruising or both. The pontoon boats reputation for being a "party-barge" is well earned, being able to seat a dozen people or more with the versatility for inshore fishing, tubing, waterskiing or simply cruising around.
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    Why buy an Inshore Boat?

    Inshore boats are operated on bodies of water close to the shore and are designed to manage the protected waters of bays and backwaters. These boats fall into three categories: bay boats, runabouts, and pontoon boats.

    Some benefits of inshore boats include that they are simplistically constructed and easy to trailer. They offer advantages for fishing, including the fact that they can reach plenty of remote areas due to super shallow draft hulls in the 5 to 8-inch range and smaller outboard engines.

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