Inshore Fishing Boats

Inshore fishing boats are used to maneuver around underwater structures, deep holes, mangroves, docks and piers typically where inshore species lurk for their prey. For this reason these type of boats are typically designed to be smaller and more agile for more effective fish capture than their offshore brethren.

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  • Freshwater Fishing Boats

    Freshwater fishing can be enjoyed by all experience levels, from extreme sportfishing to recreational fishing when you're just out for a catch and a relaxing day with family and friends. Freshwater fishing boats present a variety of versatile options for this variety in experience and needs for every angler, no matter what your budget or needs. The best boats for freshwater fishing are usually all-purpose fishing boats, which are capable of pursuing many different types of species (both in saltwater and freshwater), but also can be used for entertainment and watersports.
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