The Wandering Hillbilly

Introducing Alan Carter, better known as “The Wandering Hillbilly.” Alan is a producer for several well-known shows, but in his small amount of free time, he discovered charter vacationing in the British Virgin Islands. As his love for chartering grew, Alan combined both of his passions to create a YouTube channel called The Wandering Hillbilly, featuring his travels to the British Virgin Islands (BVI). His videos feature sample itineraries, questions and answer series, company comparisons, charter model comparisons, and much more. What makes The Wandering Hillbilly different from many other YouTube channels is the authenticity, humor, realism, and overall genuine nature of Alan himself. After chartering with several British Virgin Island companies and exploring the islands in almost every way possible, he decided it was time he wanted his own power catamaran. Alan chartered the MarineMax Vacations 545 vessel and fell in love. He recently took ownership of his very own vessel, an Aquila 54 Yacht, named “The Wandering Hillbilly.”

In this weekly video series, Alan takes us through every day of his family vacation in The British Virgin Islands. His videos are a phenomenal resource for those returning or interested in new charters—or just for pure entertainment! For itinerary ideas, daily activities, commonly asked questions, and more tune in to see what vacation is like with "The Wandering Hillbilly".

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The Wandering Hillbilly Day 5

Anegada, Cow Wreck Beach, & the Wonky Dog

Explore with the Wandering Hillbilly and his crew as they adventure on scooters, discover beaches, and enjoy delicious food at the best spots.

The Wandering Hillbilly Day 4

The Baths, Hog Heaven, & Leverick Bay

Don't miss out on the crew making stops at The Baths, Hog Heaven, & Leverick Bay while enjoying delicious food throughout the day.

The Wandering Hillbilly Day 2

Jost Van Dyke

Explore the famous spots of Jost Van Dyke including Foxy's and the Soggy Dollar Bar!

The Wandering Hillbilly Day 1

Norman Island, The Willy T & Pirate's Bight

The Wandering Hillbilly starts his 7 day BVI adventure off in Norman Island and the Willy T. See the incredible sights and spots to check out.