Have Your Cake And Eat It Too!

Taste the islands and discover some our favorite meals to enjoy aboard our MarineMax Vacations power catamarans. Explore some of the best British Virgin Islands dishes while you relish in the scenery. These flavorful plates are both savory and satisfying as you travel to your next adventure. To enjoy an even greater charter experience have one of our talented crew's cook them up for you!
  • eggs benedict


    It's the most important meal of the day. Eggs benedict has to be our favorite meal to enjoy on board. Customizable with your choice of meats and smothered with hollandaise is the best way to start your day. Add a slice of avocado for a fresh and savory taste, or add a sprinkle of Cajun seasoning for a little morning kick. Serve with fresh fruit and coffee before you jump in for your morning swim.
  • taco lunch


    Tacos, tacos, tacos! Our favorite dish to enjoy in the British Virgin Islands. The ingredient options are endless. Tacos are the perfect quick and flavorful way to get you through the day. It is a light, but filling option to grab and go in between your adventures. Fill with fresh fish or shrimp for a tasteful bite of the islands. Or turn your taco into a bowl for a more filling, and less messy option!
  • lobster dinner


    You can't leave the islands without enjoying the fresh caught lobster - a light and delectable dish that will have you never wanting to leave. Enjoy over top savory risotto and top with arugula and bean sprouts, or make it easy and go a la carte. Either way, you can't go wrong with the crisp fresh taste. And of course, don't forget the butter!