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Greek Yogurt Parfait

This recipe is very suited for making on a boat and is a traditional Mediterranean dessert. The yogurt is sweet and creamy and the Mandarin oranges, pineapple and pistachios add burst of flavor.


1 Quart Plain Greek Yogurt Like Fage, Chobani or Okios.

1 Teaspoon of Vanilla Extract

6 Tablespoons of Honey

½ Teaspoon of Cardamom (substitute equal parts cinnamon and nutmeg)

4 Seedless Mandarin Oranges like Cuties or Halo Brands Peeled and Sectioned

½ Pineapple Chunked

½ Cup Chopped Pistachio Nuts



In a bowl combine the Greek yogurt, vanilla extract, honey and cardamom and mix. In 4-6 parfait glasses (or tall boat safe glasses) put the a portion of the yogurt mixture until the each glass is 1/3 full. Place equal amounts of pineapple and orange sections until each glass is 2/3 full sprinkle ½ of the chopped pistachio nut over the fruit. Add the remaining yogurt mixture until each glass is nearly full and top with the remaining fruit and nuts. Serve immediately.