Tritoons - Higher Performance Than Your Average Pontoon

Tritoons are for those who want to do more with their boat than just leisurely cruising. Structurally, tritoons differ from pontoons by having a third, center tube. This extra tube can be larger than the two outside tubes or mounted lower than them as well. The added tube improves both the stability and the performance of the boat.

The higher horsepower rating makes them faster and more capable of pulling water skiers, wakeboarders, and tubers. Tritoons are also built for longer more adventurous cruises because they are more stable and offer a smoother ride in choppy water.

Tritoons also tend to be larger with room for more friends and family, and additional amenities.

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  • When to choose a Tritoon vs. a Pontoon?

    Many times either boat will get the job done, but in general:

    • If you plan on entertaining large groups of passengers: tritoon
    • If you plan on leisurely cruises in calm waters: pontoon
    • If you plan on pulling skiers: tritoon
    • If you plan on lake fishing: pontoon
    • If you plan on open water excursions: tritoon


    MarineMax has an outstanding collection of pontoons and tritoons for sale from top manufacturers like Harris and Crest.

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