Types of Boats

Most boats are purpose built by design to fulfill a particular mission. Whether its for offshore fishing or making the perfect wake while towing a water skier, today’s manufacturers build boats that meet a boater's desired need while also providing features that will appeal to family and friends.
  • Center Console Boats

    These versatile boats are equally fun as fishing platforms or simply spending time on the water with family and friends. Designed with helm consoles in the middle of the boat, joined by side decks that provide all-around fishing capabilities these boats have seating that ranges from leaning posts to adjustable seats with armrests and bolsters. Boat sizes can range from 17-feet to 65-feet and an equally wide range of pricing. Center console boats are generally designed with characteristics to create a smoother and dryer ride when traveling offshore. These boats are made to run at 30-knots or more and can feature comfort and family features making them more enjoyable when simply cruising around.
  • Dual Console Boats

    Regaining popularity, dual console boats have a helm console, usually on the starboard side, and a companion console on the other side. Dual console boats are generally more family friendly with greater comfort features and can come with a wide range of fishing features. Most have the same hull design as their center console counterpart to help promote a smooth dry ride. Many dual console boat manufacturers include cushioned seating, stereo systems, USB ports, cup holders and more. Larger dual console boats can have a cabin space under each console complete with a berth, galley, entertainment centers, air conditioning and dinette.
  • Pontoon Boats

    Many boaters recognize that pontoon boats are stable platforms that can offer multiple use packages. These packages can feature fishing amenities such as rod-holders, special seating, fish-finders and live bait wells. Pontoon boats can also double as a stable platform for all types of water adventures with amenities such as lighting upgrades, entertainment systems, summer kitchens, wet bars, upper decks and even water slides. A pontoon boat can be an ideal all-round boat that the whole family can enjoy.
  • Sport Boats

    Sport boats are dual console boats with a walk through windshield designed with sporty performance. These boats can be basic and relatively inexpensive or extremely well equipped and very expensive and range from 19 to 40-feet. Most modern sport boats provide adequate performance for many tow sports such as waterskiing, wakeboarding or tubing. Larger sport boats make great social platforms for day boating with family and friends.
  • Ski Boats

    Pound-for-Pound wake boats are some of the most specialized and most expensive boats on the market. These inboard shaft driven boats have many systems unique to the category that allow the boat to produce wakes of various sizes and shapes. The increasing popularity of wake-surfing has driven manufacturers to develop wave shaping capabilities that create variable waves. Today's wake boats have electronic control systems that can be pre-set for specific speeds and wave shapes for all types of tow sports, and some even offer controls for the surfer to carry that allows them to control the wave size and shape.
  • Power Catamarans

    For cabin boat owners, a power catamaran can offer a fabulous amount of interior space and is the ideal cross between speed and efficiency. Power catamarans are generally larger boats designed for cruising with family and friends. With an extra beam and twin hulls, these boats are extremely stable and make an attractive platform for water activities and adventures. Explore new destinations, visit dockside restaurants, stop at local islands, or just relax and entertain family and friends aboard with excess room and amenities including summer kitchens, entertainment systems and plenty of upholstered seating. Cruising power catamarans use outboard engines with state-of-the-art control systems.
  • Cabin Cruisers

    Cabin cruisers land between the sport boat category and the full yacht category. They offer below deck accommodations, heads and a galley and are primarily designed for families who like to travel with their boat. Many families enjoy these boats and the lifestyle of spending days and nights on their boats and being able to travel to exciting destinations. All boats can be cruised, however, cabin cruiser boats are designed to provide the most comfortable platform for family and friends to simply spend time on the water.
  • Motor Yachts

    Motor yachts are designed for comfort and luxury running between 40 to 90-ft in length. Generally, these boats are built for those who want to live-aboard and travel for long periods of time while also entertaining family and guests aboard. These vessels include staterooms, multiple heads, living room, galley and an open upper deck. On the deck you'll find amenities like outdoor dining areas, an outside helm and sunpads for lounging.

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