Cooking on an Aquila Power Catamaran

What could be more delightful than spending quality time aboard an Aquila Power Catamaran on on-the-water adventures with family and friends? The answer lies in cooking and savoring a delectable meal while onboard. With generous space and all the right accessories and conveniences, whipping up a mouthwatering feast or snack becomes an absolute breeze. Discover just how efficient and easy making a meal on an Aquila can be!

  • Spacious Galley Setups

    Characterized by thoughtful design, spacious layouts, and well-equipped features, the galley setup on relevant Aquila models considers the needs of both seasoned and novice chefs. Meticulously crafted to provide a functional and efficient space for preparing food and drinks, this design ensures easy movement and access to all necessary appliances and storage areas, transforming cooking on your power catamaran into not only a practical task but also a pleasurable one.

    Galleys come well-equipped with modern appliances and amenities, catering to a wide range of culinary needs. Furthermore, the aesthetics of the galley are not overlooked, as a careful selection of materials and finishes create an inviting and visually appealing space, allowing the galley to become not only a place for cooking but also a hub for socializing and enjoying meals with friends and family.

    As you progress through the Aquila Power Catamarans lineup, you'll witness the evolution of the galley setup. Each model offers an exceptional cooking and dining experience; however, the Aquila 70 Luxury stands as the pinnacle of extravagance. Among the numerous exquisite amenities awaiting you on board, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee from your built-in espresso machine is just one of them. 

  • Ample Storage

    Aboard an Aquila Power Catamaran, you'll discover a wealth of storage options, especially in the galley area. The well-thought-out layout provides ample storage or cabinet space, ensuring that items like small kitchen appliances, beverages, snacks, and a wide assortment of essentials have a convenient and secure place to call home. 

    What truly distinguishes Aquila is its smart storage design, which streamlines the process of collecting ingredients and essential tools for preparing delightful meals onboard. To gain a closer look at the impressive storage solutions on the Aquila 54 Yacht, be sure to watch the walkthrough video showcasing how this vessel maximizes storage space to enhance your boating experience.

  • Fire up the BBQ

    Although some prefer to cook indoors, others may enjoy a tasty grilled meal under the sun or stars—and on an Aquila, outdoor cooking on the water is made possible with functional spaces to grill and entertain. The Aquila 70 Luxury already includes a generously-sized Kenyon grill as a standard feature, and for most other models, you can effortlessly add this feature, just as you would with the summer kitchen option for the Aquila 47 Molokai. Additionally, there's a convenient portable electric grill from Kenyon that you can take just about anywhere.
  • Stable Enough to Prep on

    Just as effortlessly as you can on land, you can do the same at sea aboard an Aquila Power Catamaran—even if there happens to be a bit of wave action happening. On any Aquila model, stability is paramount, thanks to the dual hull and bulbous bow design, which keeps your ride even more steady on the water. So, feel free to crack some eggs, whip up some batter, and grill with confidence, knowing that even in choppy waters, your culinary creations will remain unfazed.

    If you’re interested in what Aquila owners like to prepare, see how easy (and delicious) Dean Williams makes it look when making chicken wings and ribs sizzle on a Kenyon grill aboard his Aquila 44 Yacht Power Catamaran. 
  • Tasty Recipes

    Here’s where the delectable part begins. With the Yacht and Luxury line of Aquila models, you have the freedom to prepare any dish just as you would at home—so, what would you like to attempt? For brunch, we highly recommend the following shrimp and grits recipe, or for dinner, try this mouthwatering grilled mahi

    For more culinary inspiration, explore these boat-friendly grilling recipes, or if you're eager for a broader selection, download the Kenyon app, which provides an extensive array of additional boat-friendly recipes. 

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