Share your experiences with the hashtag #ShowUsYourBurgee. The MarineMax burgee symbolizes that you are part of an exclusive group of people who love the water. Take it with you as a token of all the fun and memories being on the water brings, and that we are all United by Water.

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  • MarineMax Burgee being held by group of people

    What's a Burgee?

    A burgee is a symbol that traditionally unifies members of a yacht club. MarineMax believes that the boating lifestyle bands boaters together with common joy-filled experiences. Building a lifetime of shared memories of times on the water with family and friends. 

    The MarineMax burgee embodies this principle and symbolizes that you are now part of an exclusive group that loves the water as much as you do. Take it with you as a token of all the fun and memories being on the water brings, and share your experiences to let everyone know that we are all United by Water! 
  • 5 Tips to Take a Great Photo with Your Burgee

    Make the most of your time out on the water! Don't spin your wheels taking photos just to be disappointed with overexposure or blurriness. We gathered 5 great tips to help you take the best photo possible while enjoying your favorite people in your favorite places. And don't forget to #ShowUsYourBurgee!
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Where in the World is the MarineMax Burgee?

Take a look at where the MarineMax burgee has been spotted so far this summer. Join in the fun by posting your photo on social media with the hashtag #showusyourburgee!
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