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What is Seakeeper Ride?

Discover the innovative technology that prepares you and your guests for even smoother and hassle-free adventures.

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Come Along for a Seakeeper Ride!

In today’s world, technology is everywhere, and when it comes to stabilizing a boat, the latest from Seakeeper has you covered in that department. With the newest advancement, Seakeeper Ride, you and your guests can prepare for even smoother and hassle-free adventures. With this exciting innovation, comfort comes ‘automatically’ each time you’re out on the water. Learn more about Seakeeper and Seakeeper Ride below.

Seakeeper Basics and the Original Design

If you haven’t heard of Seakeeper, it is a company known for making your boat ride more comfortable. Seakeeper has been creating a range of gyroscopic stabilization devices that have been on the market since 2008. The original Seakeeper products are mounted inside a boat and eliminate up to 95% of pitch (up and down motion from front to back) and roll (Side to side rolling motion from left to right), so you and your crew will feel fewer bumps and rocking while enjoying an ultra-smooth ride on the water. MarineMax carries many makes and models that already come with Seakeeper, such as Azimut Yachts, Aviara, Boston Whaler, Cruisers Yachts, and more. 

Seakeeper Ride

Now, there’s a new option on the market. Say hello to Seakeeper Ride, the latest creation from Seakeeper. This more budget-friendly state-of-the-art device mounts on the outside of the boat on the transom, and although the design is much different from the original gyroscopic Seakeeper model, it can still eliminate up to 70% of the boat’s rocking and bouncing motions with special sensors, software, hardware, and other components, which is much more advanced than Seakeeper Ride’s competition. In addition, the fully encased drivetrain on a Seakeeper Ride eliminates saltwater exposure to mechanical components.

What Does the Seakeeper Ride Do?

When there’s motion in the ocean and other bodies of water alike, Seakeeper Ride’s intuitive nature immediately gets to work, minimizing bumps and offering a more comfortable journey while underway. Once installed below the waterline, this smart device will automatically kick in when needed. Computerized sensors will feed details about the boat’s behavior to Seakeeper Ride, which responds by counteracting pitch, roll, and yaw (turning motion from left to right) using rotary blades within the device. This intuitive action happens instantaneously as the blades spin fast, making the needed adjustments to the boat. 

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How to Get the Seakeeper Ride

Produced in three different sizes, Seakeeper Ride is available in certain new and aftermarket boats up to 35 feet. Since the technology is relatively fresh, manufacturers are gradually adapting and integrating it into their models as a standard feature. Currently, MarineMax carries several new Scout Boats that come with this technology. An existing or pre-owned vessel can also be refitted for the Seakeeper Ride if it meets specific requirements, and according to Seakeeper Ride’s refit page, a boat must have the following qualifiers:

  • Fiberglass or aluminum hull
  • Stepped or non-stepped hull 19-35 ft.
  • Cruising speed >20 mph
  • Equipped with a compatible multifunction display (MFD)

If you have questions or are interested in getting a Seakeeper or Seakeeper Ride for your vessel, visit or contact your MarineMax for more details today.

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