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Together we can save our oceans and waterways.

MarineMax is proud to support ocean cleanup company 4ocean and their mission to end the world's plastic pollution crisis. Wearing the bracelet made from post-consumer recycled plastic and glass symbolizes that a pound of trash has been removed from the water. Stop by your local MarineMax for more information!

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Here's How You Can Help

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    Looking for ways you can help support the campaign? Here are a few great earth-friendly boating practices:

    • Keep your trash on board and dispose of it in designated receptacles
    • Prevent oil and fuel leaks by keeping your engine well-tuned
    • Use reusable containers for food and drink instead of disposable plastic items
    • Retrieve fishing lines to prevent birds and other wildlife from getting caught
    • Use tote bags to carry items instead of plastic grocery bags

    Always treat our aquatic ecosystems with care to ensure fun and sustainable boating experiences for generations to come!

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    For more than 20 years, MarineMax has united a community of boaters enabling the tradition of boating to be shared with friends, families, and those we love. But with more than 7,000,000 tons of trash in our oceans, that tradition is threatened. MarineMax is proud to support the ocean cleanup company, 4ocean, and their mission to end the world’s plastic pollution crisis. Each one of the 4ocean bracelets is made from post-consumer recycled plastic and glass. Wearing the bracelet symbolizes that a pound of trash has been removed from the ocean and coastlines.
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    4ocean’s values and mission aligns with our own.  MarineMax is a proud supporter for cleaner oceans and will gift 4ocean bracelets to our customers with every boat purchase. We are gifting our owners and the planet at the same time, cleaning the world’s oceans with every boat sale.
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    4ocean is a global company that actively removes trash from the ocean and coastlines, helps create sustainable economies around the world and inspires individuals to work together for a cleaner ocean. Global cleanup operations are funded entirely through the sale of their bracelets and sustainability products, where every item purchased funds the removal of one pound of trash from the ocean. By creating jobs, utilizing the latest technology, and raising awareness about the impact of plastic and trash in the ocean, the company is building the first economy for ocean plastic and creating a cleaner, more sustainable future for the ocean.

See How 4ocean Has Been Changing the World

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