5 Tips on How to Take a Great Photo

With the invention of the smartphone, people are taking more photos than ever before. And what better subject of photos than those of family and friends enjoying the boating lifestyle! Below you will find 5 tips on how to get cool and interesting photos from your experiences out on the water with either a smartphone or camera.
  • Aerial of beautiful island

    Tip 1: Don’t shoot into direct sunlight

    Every digital camera, be it a professional DSLR or simply an iPhone has trouble exposing when the sun is in the background of the image. Much like your eyes, a camera needs to expose for the lighting environment. By having the bright ball of burning gas we call the Sun in the frame makes this difficult for your camera to decide on what needs to be properly exposed, and can result in an image that is either too light or too dark. To reduce this issue, use the sun to your advantage and shoot with the sun behind you to light up your subject.
  • Family sitting on bow of Aquila 36 Power Catamaran

    Tip 2: Boats look AMAZING at ¾ angles

    When taking photos of people next to a boat (or just the boat itself), be sure to try taking the photo with the boat at a ¾ angle. This produces a dynamic look that is often times much more appealing than simply shooting it from the profile, bow or stern of the boat.
  • sun setting between boats

    Tip 3: Use wide angle lenses

    Boats are an incredible sight to behold, big or small. To provide an even more dynamic and compelling photo, using a wider focal length of lens to make the boat look large and in charge! I recommend between 16-24mm for most boat images. Be sure not to go too wide for fear of major lens distortion. (if using a smartphone, wide angle photos can be created with an aftermarket wide angle lens adapter)
  • Aquila 36 cruising through the water

    Tip 4: Experiment with slower shutter speeds on your camera

    Be it any moving subject, it is always difficult to capture action and movement in a photograph. Allowing the shutter in your camera to stay open for longer periods of time allows the photographer the flexibility to capture movement. By doing this, it allows your brain to know that the boat is moving across the water, as it will blur the water and background objects. Keeping the boat in focus while blurring the rest of the image is a skill that requires practice, patience and a steady hand (or tripod), but it can be done! (If using a smartphone, this can be done with aftermarket camera software that allows you to control the shutter speed)
  • silhouette of boat

    Tip 5: Polarizing filters can make a big difference

    Much like a pair of polarized sunglasses, your camera can also benefit from this technology. A polarizing filter reduces or eliminates a great deal of reflected light, which allows you to get much more detail in your image, notable in the sky and water. This is a great way to show a great deal of contrast and dynamic range of highlights and shadows in an image.  



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