Let's Get Summer Started!

Memorial Day Weekend is the unofficial start of summer and the boating season! We wish you a wonderful and safe weekend while we also take time to honor those who have sacrificed for our freedom. Click below for tips on making the most of this weekend.

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  • Remember and Honor

    Memorial Day is a time to remember and honor all the men and women who gave the greatest sacrifice for the freedom we enjoy every day. The holiday that we now celebrate on the last Monday of May was originally Decoration Day—a day to remember and decorate the graves of lost soldiers. Enjoy time on the water with friends, family, and others in the boating community, while participating in one of our events, and take time to express gratitude for those who have sacrificed for our freedom.

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    Our Favorite Recipes

    A day out on the water can sure work up an appetite, and maybe even more so when celebrating! We've compiled our favorite recipes and boating snacks for keeping the troops fed - from dishes you can make ahead with you to delicious eats to make on the boat.
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Brush up on your boating safety!

From informative videos to helpful articles, we've got you covered for all things boat safety.

Boating Tips LIVE

Troubleshooting with The Wandering Hillbilly

Alan Carter, The Wandering Hillbilly, is back and ready to take your questions! The Wandering Hillbilly channel on YouTube captures fun traveling experiences with family and friends and provides newbies with information if they want similar experiences. Alan is also the Director of the singing reality competition television series The Voice!

Tune in to Boating Tips LIVE with Alan, Keith, and Nick to learn more about MarineMax Vacations, chartering in the British Virgin Islands, and troubleshooting along the way. We go LIVE at 3:00 pm ET to take your questions and chat about your favorite outdoor activity… boating!

Boating Tips Live

Using Boat Flare Kit Safely and Effectively

In this episode, Captain Keith and Nick show how to safely and effectively use your boat flare kit.

Boating Tips

Boating Safety ID Card?

Everything a new boater needs to know about what a boating safety ID card is; what it's for, who does and doesn't need one, where to acquire one and why it is important.

Boating Tips

Boat Parade Safety

Captains Keith and Nick have some tips for you so that you can join in the fun in a safe and responsible manner.

Boating Tips

Using Boat Fire Extinguisher

In this episode, Captain Keith and Nick show how to effectively use your fire extinguisher in a marine environment.

  • Practicing the Three Cs

    This boating season, make sure to practice the three Cs: Caution, Courtesy, and Common sense—and be extra careful while boating. Use caution while especially while doing so within a close distance of other boaters. Look out for other boats and be aware of your surroundings and the changing weather conditions. Be courteous to other boaters, as courtesy goes a long way to making a good day on the water turn into a great day. And lastly, use common sense, don’t rush to pass in front of another vessel, and know and practice the U.S. Coast Guard navigational rules on the water. Report any emergencies to local authorities via VHF channel 16 or by dialing 911 on your cell phone.

  • Tips and Tricks Every Boater Should Know

    Owning and operating a boat is an enjoyable and highly-rewarding experience, both for the novice and the seasoned boater. To make sure you enjoy a smooth time on the water, here are some things you will want to remember to check before you go.

  • Pet Safety

    As with any day out on the water, safety is the primary concern. This goes for your pets, too! We want to make sure that everyone, even those with four legs, have a fun and safe day on the boat.

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