A Tour of the Galeon Yachts Factory

This August, MarineMax team members journeyed across the Atlantic to tour the Galeon Yachts factories in Poland. The experience of seeing the craftsmanship, detail, and engineering involved in every step of making each Galeon yacht was one to remember!
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  • A pile of materials used for a boat, including wood, upholstery, and flooring.

    Every Detail Matters

    To start, materials are closely inspected for potential use in a Galeon. Every chosen item shows both style and superior quality.
  • A line of factory workers seated at machines, cutting metal pieces


    Galeon's factory in Straszyn features a stainless-steel shop where parts of all sizes are made for use on the yachts. In some cases, parts require intricate and detailed work to be performed by experienced craftsmen.
  • A metal board with small circular holes cut into it, being held up by a man


    Other stainless-steel parts are made with CNC machines that use a computer-controlled laser to make precise and accurate cuts while also minimizing waste and maximizing efficiency.
  • Two men working on wooden boards in a factory, with various tools around them

    A Perfect Fit

    Cabinets are carefully cut, sanded and planned. Once each piece is ready Galeon will dry fit them in the actual yacht they will call home to ensure a perfect fit. Then, the pieces are returned to the work space for final preparations.
  • Wooden boards resting in a pile, waiting to be polished and used to build a boat

    Only the Best

    Raw teak wood awaits review and only the highest quality pieces will be chosen to be included in a Galeon yacht.
  • Four men working on a yacht in a factory


    Skilled craftsmen work together to carefully build each yacht, bringing all of their experience and knowledge to the finished product.
  • A white Galeon yacht resting in water in a testing tank in a factory

    Quality Assurance

    The factory in Straszyn is not located on the water, so each yacht is placed in a testing tank. This is a key step in the process to ensure that the quality is up to Galeon's standards.
  • A machine in a factory painting wooden boards to be used on boats


    This machine is used to apply paint evenly and consistently to wood surfaces.
  • A gray metal engine propeller resting in a box in a factory

    On Time

    Engines, props, and other materials are supplied by outside vendors. Galeon always keeps inventory in stock to avoid delays in shipments and stick to their production schedule.
  • A full view of a Galeon yacht in a factory surrounded by scaffolding and equipment, with men working on the boat


    All edges and surface on Galeon yachts are sanded by hand to ensure that they are smooth and free of imperfections.
  • The exterior of the Galeon yacht factory in Gdansk, Poland on a sunny day

    A Leader

    Galeon has become a leader in the U.S. yacht market over the years, and the factory and team have continued to grow along with it.
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