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Welcome to From the Helm with MarineMax, where hosts Lisa and Kelley connect with boating industry leaders for weekly Boating Broadcasts. Andy "Wiggy" Weigman is the organizer of the Minnesota Wakesurf Championship on Lake Minnetonka. With two powerhouse title sponsors by his side, Nautique and MarineMax Minnesota, Andy found a way to continue with the 2020 event while minding social distancing guidelines. Hear how he pulled off the event, details on the sport of wakesurfing, and more about two non-profits that inspire him to keep going. Wake for Warriors and Wiggle Your Toes work with amputees and veterans to use water sports to heal the mental and physical wounds of losing a limb.

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Thursday, May 27



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No Shoes Reefs 

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Thursday, June 3



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Ocean Alexander “Dreams”  

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Thursday, June 10



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DEEP Apparel 

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  • QUESTION OF THE DAY: What’s your favorite Beachy/Surfing movie? 

  • COMING UP on Today's Boating Broadcast… 

    • HEADLINES: Why having a “Blue Mind” is good for your health, Flagship of the Boston Whaler Conquest Line, the SUV of the Sea

    • SOCIAL UPDATE: Videos! We have two of them, so you’ll want to stick around to see those and hear an update from Landen. Crazy weather and perhaps NOT the best way to present an engagement ring.

    • GUEST: Andy Weigman, “Wiggy” Organizer of the Minnesota Wakesurf Championship


    • Kick things off with a promotional video for the 2020 MNWSC

    • Nautique & MarineMax Minnesota are the Title Sponsor

    • More details on how Andy pulled off this year’s event with Covid restrictions 

    • Lake Minnetonka is a popular spot for wakesurfing  

    • Dates for next year's competition are already set: July 16 to 17 2021

    • Divisions cover all ages groups to all skill levels 

    • VIDEO: Tyler Stewart’s competition run:

      • Winners were announced on August 10th. 

      • Tyler Stewart won the Pro - Open Division & Best Video overall

    • VIDEO: A look at an amateur division video, Riding behind a Nautique, which throws up a bigger wake. He also is using a bigger board.

    • Minnesota has four distinct seasons - Water sport athletes keep active by snowboarding in the winter

    • The NEW Nautique Paragon - The hull is deeper, bigger area for the surf system 

    • WEBSITE:

    • The Minnesota Wakesurf Championship is a fun event, but it also brings people together for a good cause. 

    • Non-profit partners 

      • Wake for Warriors

        • Adaptive division - Those who have lost a limb compete

        • Veterans attended the event in the past but were not able to make it this year due to Covid restrictions

        • Using water sports to heal the mental and physical wounds of being a veteran

      • Wiggle Your Toes 

        • Non profit that works with amputees 

      • July 16 to 17 2021 dates for next year

    • QUESTION OF THE DAY: What’s Andy's favorite Beachy/Surfing movie? Out Cold with Zach Galifianakis - snowboard movie


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    • ARTICLE #1 - The Science is Clear: Boating is Good for Your Health & Mind (Discover Boating Article) 


      • In October 2019, researchers at the University of Exeter Medical School in the UK published a study showing that people who live near the ocean are 22% less likely to report depression and anxiety symptoms than people who stay inland..

      • Wallace J. Nichols, the author of Blue Mind, a bestselling book, looks at the scientific reasons why being in, on or under the water can make us happier and healthier. 

      • "Simply the mere sight and sound of water promotes wellness by lowering cortisol, increasing serotonin, and inducing relaxation," said Nichols. “In fact, when it comes to reducing stress, being on a boat can be considered a type of medicine.”

      • "Blue mind is when we disconnect and logout," Nichols continues. "We move away from the screens and we get out on the water, and leave all of that technology and information behind. We give our brains a break—and our brains love that."

      • (38 minutes) VIDEO: 

    • ARTICLE #2 - Boston Whaler 405 Conquest: Flagship of the Conquest Lineup (Power & Motoryacht - Jeff Moser - January article)

  • QUESTION OF THE DAY: Kelley, Lisa and Landen answer - What’s your favorite Beachy/Surfing movie? 

    • Boating Magazine published an article about Wakesurfing 101 in 2015, touting two movies that I have NOT seen - Endless Summer or Chasing Mavericks -

    • Point Break - Kelley

    • Cast Away - Landen

    • Caddy Shack - What was the name of the boat in the movie? 

    • Great Outdoors - 


    • Here’s a look at what’s going on in the social media world! 

      • 2 interesting videos to share, with potential lessons to be learned

      • Sailboat gets struck by lightning - good note

      • Marriage proposal gone bad! 

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  • We hope you enjoyed today's Boating Broadcast, as always, Stay healthy, boat happy!