Boat Safety - Get Serious About Having Fun

Pleasure boating is one of the most fun and exciting activities on the planet. However, with that fun comes the responsibility to ensure passengers have a safe experience. Boat safety requires the skills and knowledge to ensure boaters take the proper safety precautions.  Your local MarineMax has developed resources that allow every boater from a novice to an experienced yachtsman to learn safety best practices and gain confidence while operating a boat. Boat safety courses and seminars that include:

Tips and Tricks Every Boater Should Know

  • Captain’s Orientation

    Every family that purchases a boat from MarineMax receives a full Captain’s Orientation that will familiarize the family with all the controls and systems onboard to confidently operate their boat safely.

  • Boating 101

    Welcome to the hands on boating course. Learn the basics that every boater should know to operate safely and with confidence.

  • Women On Water® (WOW)

    Ladies take the helm! In a relaxed setting, MarineMax instructors will teach you the rules of the road, safety, handling the lines, docking, and more!

  • Kids in Boating

    Where friendly MarineMax instructors help children to get comfortable with boating and boating safety making life on the water better for the whole family.

  • Getaways!®

    Exclusive group trips to local and distant destinations. From day trips to week long guided voyages that build experience and confidence as well as friendships.

  • Boating Tips Live

    Join hosts Captain Keith and Captain Nick for weekly chats about all things boating, and bring your questions! They will field viewer questions LIVE during the broadcast.

Classes to Keep You on Course

MarineMax Boating Tips Videos

Brush Up Your Boating Skills

Our goal is to make sure you and your family feel confident and comfortable operating your boat. Our videos featuring expert boaters will help you increase your knowledge.
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Getting Started is Easy!

Enjoy the journey as you explore different types of boats, activities, and much more.
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Boating Classes at MarineMax

Learning the Ropes

Whether you're new to boating or need a refresher, learn the basics of boating and the rules of the water from our Coast Guard-certified captains.
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