Anti-New Year's Resolutions for Boaters

This time of year calls for new beginnings and promises that can sometimes be tough to follow-through with. According to, 65% of people weren’t able to knock out all of their 2020 resolutions. So, we asked our social media followers what their “anti-resolutions” are for 2021 to cut out certain bad habits on the water – check out our top 5 favorite ideas below!

  • 1. Don’t Encourage Drinking & Boating

    Good times are always to be had while cruising the waterways, but be sure to have a designated Sober Skipper before leaving the dock in 2021. Sea Tow’s Sober Skipper program aims to prevent unnecessary boating-related injuries, deaths, and damage to property due to drinking alcohol at the helm.

  • 2. Stop Procrastinating Those Safety Checks

    It’s easy to get excited about a day on the water but remember to take time to review all the safety equipment on your boat before making the journey! Be sure your vessel is well-stocked with the appropriate number of life jackets, lines, fenders, and anchors. Do you have a fire extinguisher on board? Have your unused flares expired? A properly equipped and safe boat will ease your mind and guarantee maximum fun in 2021!

  • 3. Don’t Go Unprepared

    Whether you’re looking for tips on shore anchoring, outboard maintenance, knot-tying techniques, and more, there’s a wealth of information out there to ensure you know what you’re doing when family and friends keep a watchful eye on your boating skills. MarineMax Boating Tips are the perfect place to get started.

  • 4. Stop the Long-Distance Trip Anxieties

    Whether you’re a first-time boater or seasoned captain, certain trips and destinations can appear daunting with various route options and docking caveats. Don’t go it alone in 2021! With a MarineMax Getaway!, you can join other passionate boaters on amazing journeys and feel confident at the helm.

  • 5. Don’t Let Trash Go By

    Talking trash isn’t usually a great resolution but unfortunately, our nautical friends below the water have been inundated with more and more man-made garbage over the years. Boat Trader just announced a new challenge called #CleanWake that calls on boaters to take the time to swipe up anything that doesn’t belong in the water. Get your buddies involved and make it a friendly competition in 2021!

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