Grande Series

With this series, the experience is nothing short of grand aboard these innovative giants from Azimut. The Azimut Grande Series are engineering marvels combined with the most innovative technology. A creative touch accentuates the Italian design infused into this ambient and reimagined line. Inspired by art and a constructive vision for functionality and space, the Grande Series is an extravagant on-the-water masterpiece with revolutionary allure.

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  • Grande 26M

    Expand your possibilities on the latest innovation from Azimut. With the Azimut Grand 26M, transformation is a key element in this exquisite design. Get closer to the waves with the Deck 2 Deck™ terrace, extending the cockpit area into the horizon and offering astounding views on this bright and fluid superyacht. Low-profile furniture separates living spaces, while modern comfort and sheer elegance encompass every room within this five-cabin, two-crew, 85’7” spectacle of the sea.
  • Grande 27M

    Push your imagination far beyond its limits in the Azimut Grande 27M. At nearly 88 feet in length, this compact superyacht decorates the water with its stunning design and propels through it with optimal performance. The Grande 27M is the first in its class to offer a raised pilot house and an owner’s cabin on the main deck with four guest suites below. Its dynamic exterior with beach mode and lavish interior exhibiting soft curves add even more splendor to this vessel.

  • Grande 32M

    At 105’, the Azimut Grande 32M embraces innovative performance factors with exquisite design and can reach speeds up to 27 knots—all while embracing an eco-conscious method of power. This massive floating structure combines lavish comfort with tranquil colors and full-height windows that evoke a sense of holistic well-being while aboard. Guests can enjoy hovering just feet above the water atop the vast sheltered beach club while a flowing curved theme enhances the beauty of the interior infused with a sleek modern layout.

  • Grande 36M

    The impressive Azimut Grande 36M is a 115’9” oceanic spectacle that can be spotted from afar. From the fully retractable windows in the upper deck with a semi-walkaround to the beautifully furnished interior throughout, this lavish and modern design is the ultimate spectacle. In addition to the many ascetically pleasing features, a glass whirlpool adorns the sunbathing area, and the general layout offers numerous spaces and options for tailored versatility.

  • Grande 44M

    Introducing the 2024 Azimut Grande 44M, a luxurious and opulent yacht designed for those with a taste for the finer things in life. This magnificent vessel boasts sleek lines, cutting-edge technology, and unparalleled craftsmanship. Measuring an impressive 44 meters in length, the Azimut Grande 44M offers plenty of space for entertaining guests and relaxing in style. Equipped with powerful engines, advanced navigation systems, and top-of-the-line amenities, the 2024 Azimut Grande 44M is the epitome of luxury and performance. Whether you're cruising along the coast or embarking on a longer voyage, this yacht will ensure a smooth and unforgettable experience on the water.

  • Grande Trideck

    Grande is an understatement on the Azimut Grande Trideck. This innovative wonder consists of top-notch quality and craftsmanship, and at 125’5", this massive vessel takes the water by storm. Expanding beyond the triple-decker concept, this impressive yacht technically has four cascading terraces and comprises up to six luxurious cabins plus an additional four for crew members. Besides its impeccable beauty, ample space, and abundant features, this marvel of the sea is a low-emission yacht and unparalleled in its class.

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