Top Waterfront Bars

Our favorite places to dock, dine, and indulge around the country. 
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    The Oar

    Overlooking Block Island's Great Salt Pond, The Oar is the place for kids to climb the boulders along the shore and parents sip on their signature mudslides. The panoramic views and lobster rolls are just the icing on top of a great evening. Look around and imagine the stories that each decorated oar could tell, and bring your own to add to the saga. 
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    New Jersey is at a turning point, and is now the hot spot for art galleries, cocktail bars, and high-end restaurants. Jersey City's Battello is at the center of this change. conveniently located at the Newport marina, this restaurant offers free docking for boats under 40 feet if you plan on eating. The rustic elegance is a hit for weddings with the dazzling New York skyline in the distance. The semi-enclosed cocktail bar is the place to find unique and incredible cocktails. Their professional mixologists can whip up a one-of-a-kind beverage that will have you relaxed in no time. A favorite cocktail is the Shipwrecked with Hendricks gin, strawberries, basil, lime, and agave. With their large selection from vodka to whiskey, everyone is sure to find a drink they love. 
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    Big Game Club

    Reminscent of the 1930s, Bimini's Big Game Club will bring to mind the famous Earnest Hemingway. Other celebrities include legendary anglers from around the world, as this is considered the "Big Game Fishing Capital of the World". This is the place to tell the story of your biggest catch and hear some incredible fish tales in return.  
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    Joss Cafe and Sushi Bar

    Annapolis, a drinking town with a sailing problem, is the place to find Joss Cafe and Sushi Bar. After a day on the water,there is nothing to quench your appetite other than fresh fish, and what could be more fresh than sushi! If you spend any time in town, everyone will tell you that Joss is the place to go. Sip on sake at the sushi bar, as a line of chefs prepare your dinner. Upon your arrival, the owner will announce "Irisshaimase," the Japanese greeting, to welcome you. 
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    Paradise Cove Beach Cafe

    Paradise Cove Beach Cafe is a non-traditional waterfront oasis. With no dock, just a large sandy beach, come prepared to anchor out and swim ashore. This is just part of the fun though, as you will instantly feel those Malibu vibes once on land. Pull a chair at the bar, order a drink, and start a conversation with the person next you to as this cafe welcomes tourists, beach bunnies, and millionaires alike. With a simple menu, large portions, and strong drinks, you can go wrong here. 
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    Pusser's Landing

    Pusser's Landing can be found in Tortola of the British Virgin Islands. Set your watch to island time! Indulge in the rum drink of your choice and delight in the variety of food options that you would expect to find at an authentic Caribbean bar. Best of all, it's located right next to the customs dock. 
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    Scrub Island Resort and Marina

    Enjoy a day of relaxation amongst the incredible views and stacking infinity pools, at Scrub Island Resort and Marina. Partake in stunning snorkeling or diving right off the shore. Feeling thirsty? paddle your way to the swim-up bar. 
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    Southport Raw Bar

    When in Fort Lauderdale, do as the locals do! Make your way to Southport Raw Bar to experience the best that the Florida East coast has to offer. We recommend the conch chowder, mahi caesar, and tall cold pint of your favorite domestic. The menu may seem simple, but the execution is done to perfection. As the oldest raw bar in the area, you can't go wrong stopping by for lunch or dinner. 
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    Other great digs

    Around the country, there are great local bars and restaurants that sit right on the water. What could be better than pulling up in style, and walking the dock to dinner, or just cocktails, with those you love. These are some other amazing places that we have heard about. So go check them out, and let us know your favorite on Facebook!


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