Summertime Fishing:

Tips for Targeting These 9 Fish

Some are big, and others are small; while some may take the bait, others will take off while you wait—that’s fishing, and we love every minute of it just as much as you! At MarineMax, we want to keep the spirit of summer going—and since August is National Catfish Month, we figured we’d share a bit about catfish and other types of fish that are great on the menu and fun to hook. Take a look at the list below and see what ‘catches’ your interest. 

  • bass


    Bass fishing is arguably the most popular style of fishing in North America. There are many species, and they can be caught year-round. Black bass fish are strong fighters and live in about any body of freshwater large enough to support a population, while striped bass can grow up to 5 feet and thrive in both fresh and saltwater along coastal regions.
  • catfish


    Did you know there are about 3,000 types of catfish species in the world? That’s a lot fish! Regardless of the wide variety, fishing for these scaleless, whiskered wonders can be a unique experience. Since they are most active at night, seeking them under the moonlight can be a fun adventure. If you’re fishing for dinner, the top three for eating in North America are blue, channel, and flathead catfish. Look for these bottom feeders in muddy rivers, lakes, streams, reservoirs, channels, etc.— just watch out for their spiny fins! Try something different and catch your cat aboard a 2022 Harris Cruiser LX 160 Fish
  • cobia fish


    Also known as the sergeant fish or crabeater, cobia are fast-moving marine fish that are typically found in warmer climates. These behemoths have a distinctive dorsal fin and light-brown sides, and can grow up to six feet long and weigh more than 150 pounds. Try reeling in one of these fish aboard a 2023 Boston Whaler 330 Outrage.
  • A crappie fish


    Crappie can be found in abundance in freshwater areas during the summer months. They are energetic fighters and are gaining a following among serious anglers all over North America for their easy bite, spirited fight, and taste on the palate. 
  • redfish


    Redfish, also known as red drum, can be found in the summer from Texas to the Chesapeake Bay. They thrive in brackish creeks, mangroves, oyster beds, marshes, grass flats, around bridge supports, and passes. Redfish do not seem to mind water clarity, depth, or structure as long as there is an abundance of bait fish. 
  • snapper


    These highly prized fish, sought after by anglers, thrive in areas from the Gulf of Mexico and throughout the tropics. Although there are many variations of snapper, such as yellowtail, red, and gray, these saltwater fish can typically be found around the same areas as grouper. Just beware of the dog snapper of the Atlantic—this one is toxic and should not be consumed. Snap up a snapper on this 2023 Boston Whaler 285 Conquest Pilothouse
  • trout


    These fish come in a variety of species, and larger breeds can make a tasty meal. Trout are typically found in brooks, lakes, rivers, and basins and are a sought-after catch in many areas of the world. In particular, rainbow trout are native to coastal regions of the North Pacific and can weigh up to 20 pounds. They are also highly abundant in freshwater habitats within the US.
  • A sailfish


    While most pelagic predators are on the move to cooler waters, sailfish can be found all over the North American coast throughout the summer months. Generally, the most sailfish catches occur in 90 to 200 feet of water, which can be a respectable distance from the shore. Head out on almost any type of offshore waters confidently, and try catching one of these majestic creatures from a 2022 Aquila 28 Molokai Cuddy
  • grouper


    These big guys are super-tasty on sandwiches or as a regular entrée. Although groupers are great on the palate, they can be somewhat difficult to catch. They tend to hide in shipwrecks, rockpiles, reefs, and other structures found on the bottom of the sea. Look for groupers on the Atlantic coast from the Carolinas down through the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean. 
  • lobster

    Bonus: Lobster

    Have you thought about fishing for something different this summer—how about trapping a lobster? These bottom feeders are mainly nocturnal and are found in almost all oceans of the world, expect in polar regions. Some well-known ‘true lobster’ species in the US come from Maine and have large claws on their first set of legs. Another type, the spiny lobster, is a smaller species found in tropical regions that do not have large claws. Regardless of the location, both are pretty tasty! 
  • Get in on the Action

    There are many other species that are fun to target and catch during the summer months. Stop by your local MarineMax store to find out what, where, and when to fish in your area. No matter what you decide to target, get out there and start catching!

    If your favorite fish isn't listed here, follow us on social media and let us know what you like to target on the water!

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