10 Boating Activities to Enjoy This Spring

Spring is just around the corner and if you’re like us, you’re probably itching to get out on your boat! Here’s ten activities you can enjoy on your boat as warmer weather arrives in your area. 
  • person wakesurfing

    Try Out A New Watersport

    If you have yet to try it, wakesurfing is one you should put on your list for this spring. This popular watersport has boat builders reimagining their designs to create larger, smoother wakes. But just because your boat may not be specifically designed for this sport doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun wakesurfing. If your boat makes a wake, you can probably surf it.
  • boating on water in front of skyscraper

    Be Tourist For A Day

    Sightseeing is something that we don’t often get to do, and doing this by water can be simply breath taking. If you live in a big city stop to see landmark buildings or parks, if you are a bit more rural enjoy mother nature at its finest. We often forget to enjoy the scenery around us and when you are a local the beauty of our hometown can take on a whole new meaning. 
  • two people fishing

    Go Golfishing

    There are two great things in life, golfing and fishing, and this “sport” has them both! To get your score, count how many casts it takes to catch a fish. Then, you pitch an inner-tube over the side of your boat, place a piece of artificial turf on the bow, and count how many strokes it takes to chip a golf ball (use the biodegradable ones, of course) through the tube. Combine the numbers, and challenge your mates to beat it. 
  • man holding playing cards

    Go on a Poker Run

    This is one race that you don’t need to be fast to win. Because it’s the winning poker hand—not the first one finished—that takes the prize. All you have to do is complete the cruising course, getting a new card at each predetermined stop. At the end of the day you put your cards together, and whoever has the best hand wins.
  • group of people at table

    Enjoy A Bite

    Make lunch or dinner a bit more fun by arriving in style! Grab a few friends or a significant other for a lunch or dinner cruise. Take your time, relax, and enjoy your time together while underway to a waterside restaurant. Just make sure to call ahead and make reservations to guarantee a slip when you arrive. 
  • lobsters in trap

    Alternative Harvesting

    If you’re not having a lucky day with the fish, why not try your hand at capturing other tasty sea dwellers. You can try tonging for oysters, digging for clams, snorkeling for spiny lobster, or hand-catching bay scallops—depending on where you do your boating, there’s bound to be a wide range of alternative species you could pursue.
  • group of ladies

    Take A Class

    If it’s still a bit chilly for your liking or you need to hone your boating skills for the start of the season, sign up for a class to get back in the game. With intro to boating, women on water, kids in boating, and much more there is bound to be a class at a MarineMax near you that will pique your interest. 
  • boat on water at night

    Sweet Dreams

    Statistics show that most boaters never spend a full night aboard. If this sounds familiar, plan an evening under the stars. Retreat to your cabin for a good night’s rest or camp on the deck for an adventurous alternative. Simply find a good anchorage spot, pack an overnight bag, and fill up the cooler! 
  • man and kids fishing

    Get Generous

    Put your boat to good use, by utilizing it for a charity. If you enjoy fishing, consider a foundation such as Wish-A-Fish, where you get matched with a special-needs kids for an afternoon on the water. Cruising and watersports are another way to go with the Wounded Warriors Project and Shore Dreams for Kids. There is nothing quite like sharing the pleasure of boating with those less fortunate. 
  • group of people at table

    Explore Someplace New

    Sometimes boating on the same old lake or intracoastal can become a bit mundane. Change up the scenery, explore new places, and join your fellow boaters. MarineMax plans and organizes getaways for boat owners to explore boating destinations both near and far. Some of these may last a day while others a weekend or longer, either you are sure to have a great time. 
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