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Trawler vs. Motor Yacht: Your Questions Answered

If you are new to yachting or are interested in learning more about the subject in general, there are many topics and terms that you may encounter. From specialized parts to the different types of yachts to even the proper names of the living quarters—there’s usually something an aspiring seafarer will learn! And one question that often perplexes many is what a trawler is and how it differs from a motor yacht, which we will unravel below.

  • Trawler on the water

    Just What is a Trawler?

    Beginning with the basics—a trawler is a unique power vessel that can travel long distances and is used for various reasons. Initially designed for commercial fishing, these varying types of crafts are ideal for cruising and can typically consist of creature comforts most homes have, such as a larger kitchen space with full-sized appliances and an extended living area.

Trawlers can range from about 30 to 80 feet in length, and although these vessels will run a bit slower than the average power boat, a trawler can travel great distances without refueling. On average, a trawler can typically travel around 1,000 to 1,500 nautical miles per tank of fuel and consist of a wide, full-displacement hull, allowing for a more fuel-efficient and smoother experience in choppy waters. Uses for trawlers are typically for commercial use, sportfishing, and recreational, and can be broken down even more into the following categories:

  • Trawler yachts
  • Trawler tugs
  • Cruising trawlers
  • Pilothouse trawlers
  • Ocean Alexander trawler on the water

    A Trawler vs. a Motor Yacht

    As far as the difference between a trawler versus a motor yacht is concerned, there are prominent distinctions. Motor yachts typically start at 50 feet, although some smaller crafts have the likeness of one due to their design and features. Yachts also tend to be more luxurious than trawlers, offering various staterooms, innovative features, and plenty of areas for entertaining, such as a salon, outdoor dining areas, sunpads, and different deck levels, with a focus on style fused with comfort.

Depending on the type of trawler would illustrate the specific features. For instance, one geared towards fishing would garner more room for fishing equipment and specialized electronics, while one meant for leisure would not. A recreational trawler will still offer many prominent features as a luxury liner; however, one may not be as plentiful in the amenities department or as elegant. Generally speaking, trawlers are typically known for heartiness and lean more towards practicality.

  • Ocean Alexander trawler on the water

    Ocean Alexander: Going the Distance

    If you are seeking a combination of a premium and luxurious vessel outfitted for extended voyages, then Ocean Alexander may be right for you. The company has a long history of building industry-leading designs that endure extended treks on the water. From earlier trawler models to modern-day motor yachts, in these remarkable vessels, one can experience long journeys to exquisite destinations with everything needed for absolute comfort and luxury.

  • Ocean Alexander trawler running on the water

    Explore Longer

    With each model comes a large fuel capacity, premium engines, and careful attention to every detail, so traveling in a relaxed state of mind is easy, knowing Ocean Alexander operates with the utmost quality and safety as a top priority. For instance, the most recent model released, the Ocean Alexander 32 Meter Explorer (32E), is a breathtakingly beautiful yacht with massive salon windows, a glass-enclosed beach club area, an aft hot tub, and many more luxurious areas to enjoy aboard. This 102’4” model has a fuel capacity of 3,600 gallons and can travel multiple miles to many exotic locations.

  • Ocean Alexander yacht on the water at sunset

    Revolutionary Performance

    Coming from the Ocean Alexander’s Revolution line, another impressive model is the Ocean Alexander 35R motor yacht. This stunning 116’9” vessel with endless luxuries was designed by the combined efforts of Evan Marshall and Arrabito Naval Architects and can hold up to 5,151 gallons of fuel. With so much space, full-sized appliances, the latest innovations, and more, living aboard this elegant creation for a prolonged period can be accomplished with absolute ease and comfort. Even the smallest of the series, the 88’ Ocean Alexander 27R model has a 2,980-gallon fuel capacity.

  • Ocean Alexander yacht on the water

    Legendary Adventures

    The awe-inspiring 117’9” Ocean Alexander 37 Legend (37L) is just as impressive as the other Ocean Alexander models and holds a massive 5,500 gallons of fuel—another remarkable vessel for long voyages. This dazzling yacht encompasses lavish comforts and features in every section—perfect for entertaining and relaxing onboard. At 106’2”, the 37L’s slightly smaller counterpart, the Ocean Alexander 32 Legend (32L), can carry up to 4,000 gallons of fuel.

Whether you’re trawling the market for a vessel that will get you far with the essentials or want to travel to a desired destination in the ultimate luxury, such as in an Ocean Alexander yacht, with either choice, you will be able to go the distance and be comfortable along the way. The rest is up to you.



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