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MarineMax Getaways

Being part of the MarineMax family means more than buying a boat from us - it is owning a boat with us. 
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Being part of the MarineMax family means more than buying a boat from us - it is owning a boat with us. MarineMax Getaways!® are exclusive events that invite our customers to unite with friends and family on the water. Getaways!®are often planned by a local MarineMax and are crafted to take advantage of the regional attractions and destinations. These excursions range from day-trips at dockside restaurants to weekends at a resort marina. Even weeks-long Getaways!® are planned by MarineMax stores.

With busy work and home lives, many MarineMax owners enjoy the convenience of not having to plan. Others take advantage of Getaways!® to places that they would find too challenging to go alone. An example would be MarineMax Clearwater’s 2-week long Bahamas Getaways!® in June, which travels from Clearwater to the Florida Keys and on to the Exuma islands and resorts with many planned events and a stop at Bimini before returning to Clearwater.

“It is a great opportunity to meet boaters that have the same interest in exploring and using their boats,” explains Collin Heimensen, MarineMax Clearwater Sales Manager, who lead last year’s Bahamas Getaways!®. “Many new friendships were forged and promises made to return on this year’s trip."

An example of a typical weekend Getaways!® would be the MarineMax Lake Ozark Weekend at Old Kinderhook Getaways!® in early October. They depart on Friday afternoon with docktails at 7 p.m. at Old Kinderhook Marina. Boaters are encouraged to use all the resort amenities, play golf, tennis, relax at the pool and spend some quality time at the spa. They cruise home after Sunday breakfast.

Another weekend Getaways!® is the MarineMax journey to the “Heart and Soul" of the Chesapeake Bay, on the St. Michaels Getaways!® in September. 

There are many day-away opportunities that our trailer and smaller boat owners can join. One is the Sport Boat Lunch Cruise Getaways!® that MarineMax Wrightsville Beach hosts in April. They treat their customers to a beautiful day on the water with a scenic trip through Downtown Wilmington and lunch at Elijah’s, returning to Wrightsville Beach that evening.

In the winter, many northern MarineMax stores hold Changes In Latitudes Getaways!®. These are week-long trips to the British Virgin Islands in partnership with MarineMax Vacations. Guests spend six nights aboard one of the luxury catamarans that are available in the MarineMax Vacations Fleet. With amazing islands to discover, crystal blue waters to cruise and the warm Caribbean breezes to enjoy, it is a phenomenal experience.

There are hundreds of MarineMax Getaways!® throughout the year and MarineMax owners can join up with any MarineMax event. Simply go to and click on “events”.Keep checking back, some of the Getaways!® are more spontaneous and pop up throughout the season on short notice. At MarineMax, owners become family on fun and fascinating Getaways!®. We wouldn't have it any other way.