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How to Hit a Double Up

Get the most air when you perform the infamous and crowd-pleasing “Double Up”. 

The infamous and crowd-pleasing “Double Up” is created when a boat driver crosses his/her own wake with a perpendicular or 90 degree angle. The result:  a mammoth of a wave that can be two to three times larger than a boat’s normal wake size.

Most wakeboard tournaments incorporate a Double Up contest. The Double Up contest is often saved until the end of the tournament as way to wow the spectators with really big air.

So how is it executed? The boat driver is a key player in executing the double up. The wakeboarder will have to depend on the driver to maneuver the boat on a tract that will cause the wakes to converge.   

When a boat is in motion and planed off, the initial boat wake will turn into three separate rollers once the boat and time has passed. The trick behind a double up is for a boat driver to cross the rollers previously created by the boat’s path.

The example below shows the best boat tract to drive in order to ensure a timely convergence of the rollers and boat wake. The pre-turn is crucial, and will help with overall timing. Once the pre-turn is made, stay steady and keep a straight path. Sloppy driving after the pre-turn will aggravate the wake and cause a non-consistent roller for the double up. 

Continue on after the pre-turn until there is a comfortable distance to first make a 90 degree out in front of the rollers, then a sharp turn until you are on a tract heading right for the rollers. Hit the rollers at a 90 degree angle for a T’d Double Up or turn less sharp for an Open Double Up. Turning too sharp, will cause an Over T’d Double Up. Over T’d Double Ups will cause complaints from unsatisfied riders.

Of course practice makes perfect and will help with overall timing of turns. Don’t forget, you can learn more tips and tricks from MarineMax’s wakesport experts. Contact a MarineMax location near you to become an expert boat driver.

  • wakeboarder doing a double up
  • wakeboarding double up chart