June Is Great Outdoors Month: Explore. Play. Connect.

What better way to get outdoors than on a boat? Join us for an event to meet new friends and old, explore your local waterways, and don’t forget to snaps pics (we even have tips for great pics) to #ShowUsYourBurgee. During Great Outdoors Month, events take place all month long but one of our favorite celebrations is National Fishing and Boating Week, June 3 - 11.
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    National Fishing and Boating Week

    National Fishing and Boating Week is a national celebration highlighting the importance of recreational boating and fishing.Boating and fishing play an important role in enhancing our quality of life and preserving our country's natural beauty. A portion of all fishing tackle and license sales, as well as boat supply and registration sales, fund the conservation and preservation of our nation's waterways through a program called the Sport Fish Restoration Program. This means that every time you purchase a fishing license or register a boat, you are helping improve the natural places you love. 

    During National Fishing and Boating Week, most states offer free fishing days. These are days where anglers are allowed to fish on public bodies of water without a fishing license. It's a great time to get out on the water and try fishing for the first time!

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    5 Tips on How to Take a Great Photo

    We gathered 5 great tips to help you take the best photo possible while enjoying your favorite people in your favorite places. So brush up on your photography skills using your smartphone or camera and be ready to take photos of the amazing moments you experience doing Great Outdoors Month.

  • #ShowUsYourBurgee

    Get Outside and #ShowUsYourBurgee

    Each summer MarineMax boaters across the country share hundreds of pictures of their boating fun with #ShowUsYourBurgee! As you head outside and onto the water, make sure to join in the fun this summer. It's easy:

    1. Visit your local MarineMax store to pick up your FREE new 2017 Edition Burgee! 
    2. Take pics with your MarineMax Burgee on your boat, on skis, at exotic locations, wherever you enjoy boating fun. 
    3. Share your adventures with us and other boaters by posting to social media and tagging #ShowUsYourBurgee.
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    Find Your Perfect Boat

    Ready to get outside but still need a boat to kick start your summer? Start searching for your dream boat today. We carry a large selection of premium boat brands ranging from extra-fun sport boats to luxury yachts. We make it easy to narrow your search and find your perfect boat.

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2017 Free Fishing Days By State


Alabama: 6/10/17
Arkansas: 6/09/17 to 6/11/17
Arizona: 6/3/17
California: 7/01/17 & 9/02/17
Colorado: 6/3/17 to 6/4/17 (First full weekend of June, each year)
Connecticut: 5/13/17
District of Columbia: 6/02/17 to 6/04/17
Delaware: 6/3/17 to 6/4/17
Florida: First Saturday and Sunday in April (freshwater), Second Saturday and Sunday in June (freshwater), First Saturday and Sunday in June (saltwater), First Saturday in September (saltwater), Saturday following Thanksgiving (saltwater)
Georgia: 6/3/17, 6/10/17 & 9/23/17
Hawaii: 365 days a year (marine)
Iowa: 6/2/2017 to 6/4/2017
Idaho: 6/10/17 (Second Saturday every June)
Illinois: 6/16/17 to 6/19/17 (Father's Day weekend in June)
Indiana: 4/15/17, 5/20/17, 6/3/17 to 6/4/17
Kansas: 6/3/17 to 6/4/17 (The first full weekend in June)
Kentucky: 6/3/17 to 6/4/17 (The first full weekend in June)
Louisiana: 6/10/17 & 6/11/17
Maine: 6/3/17 & 6/4/17
Maryland: 6/3/17, 6/10/17, 7/4/17
Massachusetts: 6/3/17 & 6/4/17
Michigan: 6/10/17 & 6/11/17
Minnesota: 5/13/17 to 5/14/17, 6/9/17 to 6/11/17, 1/13/18 to 1/15/18
Missouri: 5/6/17
Mississippi: 6/3/17 to 6/4/16 & 7/4/17
Montana: 6/17/17 to 6/18/17
North Carolina: 7/4/17
North Dakota: 6/3/17 to 6/4/17 & 12/30/17 to 12/31/17
Nebraska: 5/20/17 Saturday before Memorial Day Weekend
New Hampshire: 6/17/17 (The first Saturday in June), 1/20/18 (The third Saturday in January)
New Jersey: 6/10/17 & 10/21/17
New Mexico: 6/4/17 & 9/24/17
New York: 6/24/17 to 6/25/17 & 11/11/17
Nevada: 6/10/17
Ohio: 5/6/17 to 5/7/17
Oklahoma: 6/3/17 to 6/4/17
Oregon: 6/3/17 to 6/4/17
Pennsylvania: 5/28/17 & 7/4/17
Rhode Island: 5/06/17 to 5/07/17
South Carolina: 5/29/17 (Memorial Day), 7/4/17 (Independence Day)
South Dakota: 5/28/17 to 5/30/17
Tennessee: 6/10/17
Texas: 6/3/17
Utah: 6/10/17
Virginia: 6/2/17 to 6/4/17
Vermont: 01/28/17 Free ice fishing day
Washington: 6/10/17 & 6/11/17
Wisconsin: 6/3/17 & 6/4/17
West Virginia: 6/10/17 & 6/11/17
Wyoming: 6/3/17


Please note that the individual states may place certain restrictions and other regulations may apply, so be sure to contact your state fish and wildlife agency for specific state regulations.