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Pushing the Boundaries of Design

Each Galeon Yacht is a piece of handcrafted excellence assuring unparalleled modern styling and convenience..

Galeon’s long last relationship with Tony Castro Design Studio and the up-and-coming Roberto Curtò Design have proven to be a winning combination time and time again. These relationships have allowed Galeon to stay ahead of competition, pushing the boundaries of design with fresh ideas and daring solutions. 

From the beginning concept stages Galeon works closely with designers to ensure a high quality product. Only the finest components and latest technology are used. For custom designs, materials are handpicked. Galeon manufactures just about everything in house to exacting standards including the cabinetry, the furniture and even the stainless-steel window and door frames. That means the grains match, the cabinets are solid and stainless-steel fixtures are hefty and perform smoothly. Even the smallest details affect the final product and Galeon only accepts exceptional. 

Contact us today to learn more about Galeon Yachts and their stunning designs.