ShoreStation Boat Lifts

When it comes to your time on the water, Speed, Safety, and Reliability aren’t luxuries, they’re necessities. ShoreStation Hydraulic Lifts are the fastest on the market, easy to operate, and dependable.Their thoughtful design makes your boating simple and swift, from launch to lift. When seconds count, turn to ShoreStation.

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A Better Boat Lift.

From hydraulic to manual, select your boat lift system. From the simplicity of our manual lift to the advanced safety of ShoreStation's hydraulic boat lift, ShoreStation continues elevating standards for boat lift manufacturers.
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  • Hydraulic Lifts

    Whether you're looking for one of the safest, most dependable lifts on the market like the ShoreStation Hydraulic, or the nostalgia of our original manual drive lift, ShoreStation continues to elevate the industry standards.
  • Manual Lift

    Maybe it's childhood memories, the notorious click of the winch, the grip of the wheel. More than 50 years from its inception, we still offer what became the industry standard of what a boat lift should be.
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