By Candace Dantes

It’s one of the most functional fits for large, water-loving families. That something for everyone to bask in boat life. Pontoons are a popular recreational craft affording multiple activities — like onboard picnicking, fishing, camping, tubing and lounging. They’re designed to satisfy each family member’s spin to water fun. Yes, prices can get pricey, but if you’re not ready to commit to high payments, consider purchasing MarineMax’s used pontoon boats for sale instead. Popular brands include Bennington, Harris and Crest.

Used pontoons are typically more affordable and help save. Because, honestly, you may have to put that extra change into upkeep and repairs. But before you’re completely sold on a pre-owned pontoon, make sure you go through this to-do list first:

  • MarineMax Technician working on boat engine

    Replacing Waste, Water Systems

    You can bring it to MarineMax or its expert technicians can come to you. One of the first things MarineMax does to begin the winterization process to your boat is flush its systems, including switching out the oil, oil filters, fuel filters and lower unit oil.

  • MarineMax Technician adding fluids to boat engine

    Substituting Antifreeze

    Using car antifreeze on your boat engine is a no-no. Yes, you want to flush your boat engine with antifreeze as part of boat winterization but only if it’s marine-grade. Automotive antifreeze can actually destroy both your cooling system and engine block. MarineMax technicians are adamant about making sure marine-grade antifreeze is used everywhere freshwater comes through the craft. Remember: If the pump still holds water inside, it can burst during the cold season.

  • Technicnan pressure washing bottom of boat

    Cleaning Insiude, Outside

    From the time MarineMax technicians step onto your boat, cleanliness is top priority. They take special care when winterizing by tidying up sinks, counters and areas where they’ve worked on boat parts. You want to follow up this step by taking items like clothes and food out while your boat is sitting for a few months.

  • Taking The Mobile Route

    A convenience MarineMax offers its customers is its mobile service team. Call in to get at-home service. This benefit is especially important during COVID-19. All you have to do is download our app to request a technician in your area.