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    How to Winterize a Boat

    As the weather starts to cool, boating season slows, and nature starts preparing for hibernation mode—it's time to start thinking the same about your boat. Winterizing your boat and engine is extremely important to maintain its performance, operation, and overall upkeep. If not done correctly, it could become more costly in the long run. Protect your on-the-water investment by following the crucial steps below to make winterization part of your ongoing annual maintenance routine for boating success.

  • A MarineMax Technician cleans a boat's propeller

    Cleaning the Craft

    Start spiffing up your boat with the same energy as prepping it for your next spring adventure. Take the time to spruce the space, wipe it down, and bring in objects that might not fare well in the colder temperatures. By doing so, you’re ready to launch in no time, come boating season. Know that by electing MarineMax factory-certified techs to start the professional winterizing process, they can detail your craft, including the boat’s surfaces, nooks, and crannies. Additionally, our pros can also perform bottom cleanings.

  • Technicnan pressure washing bottom of boat

    Safeguarding the Sterndrive

    When you winterize a boat properly, you’re also helping to extend the life of your engine. If you're wondering how to winterize an outboard motor or inboard, you can prevent unfortunate circumstances like freeze damage by consulting with full-service professionals from MarineMax. They’re experts at sterndrive winterization and perform the following services:

    • Engine fogging to protect against internal corrosion
    • Applying non-toxic antifreeze to engines
    • Stabilizing fuel
    • Lubing all fittings
    • Disconnecting batteries
    • Conducting a multipoint inspection

    In addition to sterndrive winterization, techs are equally savvy in winterizing air conditioners, freshwater systems, and generators. Boat shrink-wrapping services are also available.

  • Boating Made Easy™ With MarineMax

    Knowing how to winterize a boat is one thing but performing all the necessary tasks is an entirely different scenario. Thus, scheduling a winterization appointment MarineMax techs is the easiest solution to getting it done—and done right by factory-certified technicians at our fully licensed and insured facilities. Download the MarineMax App, visit us online, or call your local MarineMax to schedule an appointment today. Don't wait too long since time slots for winterization fill fast!