Used Pontoon Boats for Sale

It’s one of the most functional fits for large, water-loving families. That something for everyone to bask in boat life. Pontoons are a popular recreational craft affording multiple activities — like onboard picnicking, fishing, camping, tubing and lounging. They’re designed to satisfy each family member’s spin to water fun. Yes, prices can get pricey, but if you’re not ready to commit to high payments, consider purchasing MarineMax’s used pontoon boats for sale instead. Popular brands include Bennington, Harris and Crest.

Used pontoons are typically more affordable and help save. Because, honestly, you may have to put that extra change into upkeep and repairs. But before you’re completely sold on a pre-owned pontoon, make sure you go through this to-do list first.

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    Check for a Reputable Retailer

    Buying a boat is a big deal. Period. So, you only want to work through this process with pioneers of the industry. The MarineMax team of trusted sales pros can easily guide you through buying a used pontoon boat because they’re backed by more than two decades of experience. Based off your preferences and lifestyle, team members can find you the best used pontoon for now and to accommodate you for years ahead.

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    Check your Pockets

    Check your pockets. New or used, have a clear idea of your monthly payments. And make sure you include the cost of fuel, accessories and yearly maintenance to your pontoon. Click here to calculate your monthly pontoon payments and receive an estimate.

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    Check the Circumstances

    Conduct your own inspection. MarineMax’s sales pros can help you find a boat and pinpoint the perfect one. Once that step is complete, it’s time to assess it for patches, cracks, dents, lumps and lack of shine. It’s also good to examine the interior, compartments, exterior hull and exterior drive. And of course, take it for a water spin.
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    Check for Environmental Issues

    Mildew and mold can settle on a boat for years. To ensure it hasn’t made a permanent home inside and outside used pontoon boats, explore all parts to your future investment. Both thrive in warm conditions that are moist and rather dim. Places to double-check: wood surfaces, bilges, water systems, a/c systems, lockers, wells, electrical panels, cabins and lazarettes.

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    Check for Deck Rot

    Older boats often lead to rotten deck problems. Even though MarineMax does its own thorough inspections before putting used pontoon boats for sale, it never hurts to examine the deck. It’s best to learn now if you need to go ahead and re-bed all deck hardware with a lasting marine sealant down the line.