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Take the Tigé Challenge!

Put Tigé to the test! This spring, test drive another brand and then test drive a Tigé. Cruise around the lake and experience their innovation, design, and performance for yourself. Tigé is so sure you'll prefer their performance and styling that they're willing to put money on it. If you go with the other guys, they'll give you $2,000.

Book your demo now and discover the Tigé difference.

  • What Makes Tigé Different?

    The moment you experience Tigé, you'll understand the Tigé difference. 
  • Patent #6874441

    A Tigé boat rides like no other - and for a reason. The Convex V Hull and TAPS, Tigé's patented system, can never be duplicated. Wake plates and drag hardware are offered by other manufacturers, but without the Convex V hull, they simply can't compete.
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  • Outperform. Out of the Box.

    The Convex V's natural performance and TAPS 3's delayed convergence form the longest, most powerful surf wave on both sides of the boat. As the only boat brand to utilize all three axes, Tigé is the only place you can find this powerful performance.
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  • Off-Road and On-Water Legend

    The 6.2L Raptor Series by Indmar offers more power and torque, as well as better fuel economy than other brands' 6.0L. Even better, Tigé's models come standard with closed cooling, a feature that other boats only offer as a nearly $6,000 upgrade.
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  • Quality is Built in.

    Premium resin, a fiberglass liner, and Ashland's Maxguard™ gelcoat provide Tigés with their signature shine and strength. Their boats are solid, strong, and hand-crafted by world-class craftsmen.
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  • Dig In and Look Around

    The interior space and storage of a Tigé are next-level luxury. Wide seat bases, slightly reclined seat backs, and diamond-stitched interior wrap around you. Every storage compartment is lined with non-skid and adds another layer of detail.
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  • Read the Warranty

    The most transparent, comprehensive warranty in the inboard segment is the Tigé 5, a five-year/555-hour warranty. In the rare case that something goes wrong, you can rest assured that you're covered.
    Take the Challenge
The Tigé TAPS 3 Demo Challenge is from March 15, 2019 through June 30, 2019 for US and Canada residents. The customer must demo a 2019 Tigé model and another 2019 boat of equal size and within a 10% price range (5% above, 5% below). Customer must fill out this form in order to be eligible. Both boats must be demoed with factory ballast only. If the customer decides to purchase the other 2019 boat, which they won't, the customer must complete a survey and show proof of purchase and registration by 6/30/19 in order to receive payment.
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