How to Winterize a Boat

By Candace Dantes

It’s probably one of the most undesirable duties of boat ownership: winterizing. Or temporarily telling your at-sea memories farewell until spring returns. To winterize a boat is an annual must. Your boat’s operational days depends on it.

As the cold season nears, time to make preparations to hibernate it properly with MarineMax certified master technicians at the helm. Because the process to winterize a boat isn’t simply a moor-and-move-on situation. It requires a few crucial steps to ensure longevity for your investment. So, following these procedures will ensure your boat doesn’t crack or cost you down the line.

  • Technician pressure watching boat

    Cleaning the Craft

    Approach spiffing up your boat during the latter part of fall with the same energy as prepping it for your next warm-air adventure. Take a few hours or days to really spruce the space, making it as orderly as possible. By doing so, you’re ready to launch without timewasting come boating season. Know that when MarineMax factory-certified techs come onboard to start the professional winterizing process, they too detail your craft, including the boat’s surfaces, nooks and crannies.

  • Certified MarineMax Technician working on engine

    Safeguarding the Stern Drive

    When you correctly winterize a boat, you’re also helping to extend the life of your engine. Prevent unfortunate circumstances like freeze damage by consulting with MarineMax’s full-service professionals. They’re experts at stern drive winterization:

    • fogging the engine for internal corrosion protection;
    • applying non-toxic antifreeze to the engine;
    • conditioning fuel with stabilizer;
    • lubing all fittings;
    • installing a plastic bag on outdrive;
    • disconnecting the battery; and
    • conducting a multipoint inspection.

  • Certified MarineMax Technician at service van

    Handling Additional Housekeeping

    Knowing how to winterize your boat is one thing. Actually performing all the necessary tasks to get it cold season-ready is a completely different burden, which is why MarineMax techs are the easiest solution to get it done — and done right. In addition to stern drive winterization, techs are equally savvy in these areas:

    • air conditioner winterizing;
    • fresh water system winterizing;
    • generator winterizing;
    • boat bottom cleaning; and
    • shrink wrapping.