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How to Master Boostin Air When Wakesurfing

Boostin air on your wakesurf board is sure to impress a boat full of spectators. 
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To pull this trick off a rider will need speed, balance, and a boat that creates a wave with enough vert to launch you up.

Of course executing is easier said than done. However, with enough practice, you should be able to boost big air on your wakesurf board and even add some style with indy grabs.

To begin, you should be wakesurfing behind a boat that has wakesurf technology that enhances wave height and vert. Most manufacturers are already incorporating this technology into their new boat models. Customize your wave to allow for maximum vert. Vert means the degree to which the wall of the wave is vertical. Ideally, you want a wave that has a 90 degree angle to the flat surface of the water.

Next you will need to get in a starting position to build up enough speed so that you can launch off the top of the wave. The starting position should be as far back as possible without losing your ride on the wave.  

Once in starting position you will vigorously pump the wakesurf board several times to increase speed. Take a final hard pump to head up the wall of the wave. As you approach the wave, your weight should be on your back leg.

Use your momentum you have carried up to the top of the wave for lift-off. Starting with your leading leg, bring both legs to your chest and the wakesurf board will follow. This motion will be very similar to an ollie on a wakeskate board.

Last you need to prepare for landing by rotating your body board back down the wake. When you descend back down to the wake, the nose of the wakesurf board should be pointed in the direction you will be going.  

Stay tuned to MarineMax Watersports for more wakeboarding and wakesurfing tips.