Boating Tips: Top Tips and Tricks Revisited

Welcome to Boating Tips with MarineMax! Have you missed some of our episodes? Or perhaps you just want a refresher on some of our best tips. Either way, here’s some of this year’s top content! Ask your questions, make comments, and learn a thing or two about your favorite outdoor activity.

Delivery FAQs

Mechanical Maintenance

Even more common than concerns about the aesthetics of your vessel are questions regarding mechanical maintenance, essentially, how you can keep your boat running efficiently.

Start with your first service at 100 hours. From there, your schedule may vary, but it is something that you can discuss and create a plan around by conferring with your maintenance technician.

While not mechanical necessarily, a great piece of preventative maintenance that you can do to keep your boat out of the service yard is to flush the motor with fresh water after each use.

Naming a Boat

Have fun, and get creative! There are no rules or right or wrong way to name your boat, make it your own. Don’t worry, if a name is already taken, there is nothing wrong with two vessels having the same name.


Aside from our Boating Tips series, which is a great resource for all things boating, you will also receive a Go Boating Kit when you purchase your vessel. This has a ton of knowledge and reference material for you to brush up on all the important things to remember about being on the water.


The Go Boating Kit we previously mentioned doesn’t just include a wealth of knowledge, it includes everything that you need to go boating. When you buy a boat with MarineMax, you don’t need to worry about a thing, we’ll supply you with everything so that you’re ready to hit the water.


Cleaning Eisenglass and Strataglass

About Eisenglass

Eisenglass is a clear, soft plastic “glass” that is pliable, rollable and great for providing an enclosed canopy or windows on a vessel. Eisenglass can be rolled, but not folded - if you fold eisenglass it will crease.

About Strataglass

Strataglass is a hard plastic “glass” that cannot be rolled or folded - it maintains its shape. Similar to eisenglass, it is a great way to create weatherproof shade to protect yourself from the elements.


When you fold eisenglass, make sure that you first spray it off with freshwater. This is because the salt crystals that may be present on the surface from evaporation can actually cut/etch your windows. We recommend two products for cleaning both of these surfaces, Plexus and 210 Plastic Cleaner Polish. Simply spray your window, use a microfiber cloth and give it a wipe down - simple!

Other items associated with caring for these two types of glass include remembering to lube your zippers and buttons that may be present as well.


Understanding Wave Forecasts


Wind can be an influence on wave height. High winds can whip up calm seas into a choppy mess. Depending on where you are and the land around you, wind can impact coastlines differently. An example of this is a leeward shoreline, which is a landmass or island that is protected or “out” of the wind. Here you will find calm waters.


Wave heights are measured off of a flat plane, so whatever the forecast calls for, four-footers for example, are actually giving you an eight-foot drop (rise and drop).


Wave periods are measured in seconds and is the gap between one wave and the next. So in the event of very short wave periods, it means that the waves are constant one after another making it likely to be rough conditions.

Safety First

At the end of the day, your responsibility as a boat owner means making sure that everyone comes back to the dock safely. Because of this, it is very important to understand the weather conditions before getting out on the water. MarineMax offers plenty of classes to help you be a better boater so that you can have fun and be safe.


Power Catamaran Stability

Designing the 28 Molokai

The Aquila 28 Molokai was designed to handle the wakes and waves that are so prevalent in Hawaii. The large beam and the fact that it is a multi-hull vessel enable it to better handle rough waters with less pitching and rolling.

Implications of the Multihull

Given that this vessel is a catamaran and has multiple hulls means that the boat provides increased utility to the end user. When the forecast calls for wavy conditions, or if the weather turns while you are out, the Molokai will keep you drier and run smoother. This means increased tournament or recreational fishing performance and more comfort for the entire family if simply cruising.


Marine Flooring Options


This is your standard boat flooring option. When a boat leaves the factory this is what the flooring is typically like. It is textured to help you stand level and prevent slipping. It is easy to clean and is sort of considered “old reliable”.

One of the cons of this type of flooring is that it tends to be a bit hard on your feet, especially after a long day on the water or on days where conditions are less than ideal.


A classic flooring option, before the advent of composite building and design materials, many vessels were built from or prominently featured teak. Today, teak is not as widely used as it once was. This has to do with a number of reasons including caring for wood in a marine environment and the overall expense. However, for a classic and sophisticated look, using teak for your boat flooring is a great bet.

Foam and Composites

An extremely popular option for marine flooring today is foam and faux-teak style flooring. These are soft on your feet, can be customized in different colors, designs and include logos. Some companies are actually producing stock boats with this type of flooring standard.

Choose Your Own Adventure

There are numerous flooring options and even more companies that produce said flooring. You can custom order your boat from MarineMax with any type of flooring you’d like! If you already have a boat, stop by, call, or click to your local MarineMax and talk to one of our boating experts, they would be happy to help you make the right choice of boating flooring for your vessel.


Until Next Time

We hope that you’ve been enjoying all these great episodes and more this year! We have more where these came from coming soon! Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel and comment with questions and ideas for future videos as well. We’ll see you out there.

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