Boating Tips: New Boater Orientation

Welcome to Boating Tips with MarineMax! Just bought a new boat but still have questions about operating it? In this episode we’re taking you inside what happens in our new boater orientation classes. Ask your questions, make comments, and learn a thing or two about your favorite outdoor activity.

Whether you're the proud owner of a 130 Super Sport, a sleek Saxdor, or a majestic Ocean Alexander, we want to ensure that you feel confident, safe, and ready to fully enjoy your time on the water. Join us as we explore what happens during this informative and hands-on orientation.

The Goal: Getting Comfortable with Your Boat:

The first step in the MarineMax new boater orientation is making sure you're comfortable with your vessel. Sales consultants will introduce you to the captain's orientation, once you attend, you'll learn about what's involved in handling your specific boat. The goal is to eliminate any intimidation or fear, ensuring that you can confidently operate your boat and have a blast doing it.

Onboard Inspection:

Once aboard your boat, be it a 320 GTC by Saxdor or a Sea Ray, the captain will guide you through a thorough inspection. Every button at the helm will be pushed, windows opened and closed, seat cushions examined, and deck hatches checked. This meticulous process ensures that every component is in working order before you take it out on your own. The captain serves as an extra set of eyes, guaranteeing that everything is set perfectly for your journey.

Operation of the Boat:

Next, you'll dive into the operation of your boat. Starting and stopping the engine will be covered, with a special emphasis on the throttle-only button (for boats equipped with this option). This button, located on the binnacle, is crucial for boats with digital throttle and shift. It prevents accidental movements, providing safety and peace of mind. The captain will also guide you through the proper use of the VHF radio, emphasizing safety protocols.

Main Distribution Panel:

Understanding the power source and distribution panel is key to maintaining a smooth voyage. You’ll be shown where it is for your particular boat as well as what it entails - here, all breakers, switches, and power supply controls are located. Whether you own a 130 Super Sport or an Ocean Alexander, the captain will review these essential components to ensure you have a clear understanding of your boat's systems.

Chart Plotter and Systems Review:

The orientation doesn't end until you're well-versed in operating your boat's chart plotter, depth finder, and other crucial systems. The captain will guide you through each feature, making sure you're comfortable navigating the waters and utilizing all the tools at your disposal.


By the end of the MarineMax new boater orientation, you'll be fully equipped to hit the water with confidence. Whether you're a seasoned boater or a first-timer, this comprehensive class ensures that you not only understand your vessel but also enjoy every moment on board. So, gear up, get ready, and we'll see you out on the water!


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