Boating Tips: Features You Need to See! Sea Ray SPX 210

Welcome to Boating Tips with MarineMax! This week we will learn about the awesome features of the iconic Sea Ray SPX 210, a standout model in the Sea Ray lineup that includes the 19, 21, and 23-foot SPX series.

Exploring the Sea Ray SPX 210: The Perfect Family Boat

Hello, boating enthusiasts! Today, we want to introduce you to the iconic Sea Ray SPX 210, a standout model in the Sea Ray lineup that includes the 19, 21, and 23-foot SPX series.

The Sea Ray SPX 210 is an ideal boat for navigating the Intercoastal Waterway, rivers, and lakes. It's the perfect family boat, providing both versatility and comfort. The Convenience of Bundling 

The Perfect Stepping Stone for New Boaters

For many families, the SPX 210 serves as a gateway to the boating lifestyle. It's the kind of boat that appeals to those who are new to boating and still figuring out how often they'll use it and where they'll store it. The SPX 210 comes with a swing tongue trailer, making it easy to fit on the side of a house or in a garage, and simple to tow without needing a larger vehicle.

We've seen countless families start with a boat like this, enjoy it for three to four years, and then either upgrade to a larger boat or stick with it because they love it so much. Many customers who initially purchase the SPX 210 later return to get a newer model with the latest technology as it evolves.

Combining the Best Features

The SPX 210 strikes a balance between the smaller 19-foot and the larger 23-foot models, incorporating the best features of both. On this particular boat, we've upgraded to a Mercury 200 horsepower engine, but whether you choose the 150 or 200 horsepower option, the SPX 210 offers great power and performance.

Easy Maintenance

Maintaining the SPX 210 is straightforward, especially when it comes to flushing the motor. Here's a quick guide:

1. Pull out the flush cap.
2. Unscrew it to hook up your hose to the hose bib.
3. Turn the water on and let it flow for about ten minutes without starting the engine.
4. Once done, make sure to put the cap back on to prevent air and debris from getting in.

Customization Options

The SPX 210 offers plenty of customization options to fit your preferences. Whether you're particular about the color of your boat or the engine, Sea Ray has you covered. You can choose between black and white motors, and there are several hull color options, including the sleek Sea Ray blue. The boat also comes with the option of stone or tan-colored SeaDek flooring.

With these customization options, you can ensure your boat reflects your personal style, whether you want it to match your car or simply stand out on the water.


The Sea Ray SPX 210 is a fantastic option for families looking to dive into the boating world. Its combination of versatility, ease of maintenance, and customization options make it a favorite among both new and experienced boaters.

Thank you for joining us, call, click or stop by your local MarineMax location to find your SPX 210. We look forward to seeing you out on the water!
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