Earth Day Every Day With Guy Harvey

By Fred Garth, Editor of Guy Harvey Magazine

Shouldn't Earth Day really be called Water Day? I mean, most of Earth is covered in oceans, right? 
  • Guy Harvey Foundation

    Okay, well, regardless of the name, the point is to focus our positive energy on protecting our precious blue planet. After all, it's our life and our water playground. Celebrating the Earth one day per year is incredible, but at the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation (GHOF), marine conservation happens every day, not just on April 22nd. That means cavorting with wild slippery creatures like sharks, stingrays, sailfish, and other critters with spines and stingers and such. The GHOF's daily commitment to marine conservation also includes an all-out effort to educate K-12 students and teachers about our marine ecosystem's challenges.

    Back in 1970, when the first Earth Day was launched, a young Guy Harvey was studying marine biology and on his way to earning a Ph.D. Today, he's come full circle and has dedicated his organization's full attention to educating the next generation of ocean lovers.

  • Kids learning from Guy Harvey

    "Education has always been a passion of mine," Harvey said. "Now we're connecting the dots, so future generations learn that a healthy environment is directly related to a vibrant economy. This is especially true among coastal communities that enjoy boating, fishing, and other aquatic recreation. Red tides, algae blooms, and beaches cluttered with plastic aren't just unhealthy to humans but are also devastating to the growth and sustainability of the community."

    This educational message attracts a myriad of other conservation-minded groups to hop on the Earth Day train with Guy Harvey.
  • Discovery Education

    For example, during the entire month of April, Discovery Education focuses on "The Earth, The Sea, and The Sky" and will be highlighting educational videos from Guy and his daughter Jessica Harvey, who is also a marine biologist.

    In addition, will offer numerous Earth Day specials on selected merchandise as well as unique Earth Day products that you can buy or give as gifts to your friends and family.

    So, when you celebrate Earth Day this year, remember that without water, the planet would be a dry, boring, lifeless wasteland - kind of like Walmart at 2:00 AM. Sure, they can keep calling it Earth Day, but we know that the wet stuff is what we're really saving.

  • Kicked off in 1970, the first Earth Day set the tone for modern environmentalism. That same year, the Environmental Protection Agency was created, and the National Environmental Education Act was passed. Two years later, Congress approved the Clean Water Act. In 1973, the Endangered Species Act came to be, and famed explorer Jacques Cousteau started the Cousteau Society. 

    Those early 1970s of eco-awaking (and amazing music), was transforming the world in many ways. Vietnam protests dominated the news cycle, President Nixon resigned after the Watergate scandal, and the Beatles broke up. Over the following 50 years, literally, thousands of grassroots conservation organizations were formed, such as the Ocean Conservancy (1972), Oceana (2001), and, of course, the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation (2008), paving the way for cleaner water and a better Earth.

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