How to Choose the Right Wake-Sport Boat

A lot has changed since waterskiing became the rage in the 50’s when skiers would simply throw out a line and get dragged around the lake. As wakeboarding became more popular, manufacturers responded by creating wake-shaping boats that could create various wakes for all tow-sports. Today’s wake-shaping boats have advanced computers and systems that can be programed for each sport and individual riders’ preferences.

What to ask yourself when searching for the perfect ski boat?

What sports do you plan on using it for?

  • If you’re into slalom skiing (on one ski) then you’ll want to look for a boat that’s about 20-22 feet with a center-mounted pylon (stable pole to tow) that holds less than 9 people. These styles of boats are generally directed towards slalom skiing so they aren’t best suited for many other water sports. The less people on boat when skiing, the better, as you don’t want too much weight in the boat to create larger (than normal) waves.

  • If you want the big waves, this is where you’ll want to look! If you’re into wake-boarding or wake-surfing, you’ll want to check out boats that are 22-25 feet. These bigger boats will throw larger waves giving you more opportunity for tricks and sporting at a more advanced level. This style of boat generally leaves more room for guests, as you’ll want the largest wave possible for these sports, the more people on board doesn’t hinder you; so, bring your friends, and their friends too!

  • How many people do you want to accommodate

    Many sport boats can comfortably accommodate 4-6 people onboard, however, as we discussed in the previous section, if you’re looking for a water-skiing boat you will want a smaller boat with less room for guests, if you’re looking for the big wave on a larger boat, the more the merrier!

MarineMax Wave

  • Show Off Your Personal Style

    The right wake-sport boat is becoming a matter of taste and style and not as much performance. They have a complexity of systems including:

    • Ballast tanks
    • Wave shaping gates and dams
    • Computer controls
    • Entertainment systems

    Larger ballast tanks are best for wakeboarding and waterskiing as they create larger wakes behind the boat for the rider to do jump and do tricks off of. Think – the larger the ballast, the larger the wave.

    Wave shaping gates and dams are perfect for tubing and knee boarding as they create the perfect size wave behind the boat for leisurely tubing or thrill-seeking knee boarding, depending on your personal preference.

    Computer controls and entertainment systems are all up to your personal style! Like to jam out on the water while water-skiing? Then a state-of-the-art entertainment system would be a great addition to your sport boat! Want to control your upgrades with the click of a button? Getting the computer controls on your sport boat will do that for you!

    The experts at MarineMax are a great place to start on your boating journey, swing by and let us help you choose the perfect water-sport boat for you!

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